How To Style Your Hair for Valentine’s Day? Take Our Quiz!

I leave hair for last in my daily routine. Usually, the “How do I want to style my hair?” question is answered by, “Oh, shoot, I have five minutes to do my hair…” followed by some desperate scrambling for a backcomb and my dry shampoo. For an event like a Valentine’s date (or Galentine’s date!), however, you may want to spend a little extra time. But how should you do it?

Where are you going for your date?

A.) A schmancy restaurant, of course. Heels will be worn.

B.) We keep it low-key, probably dinner at our usual date night spot.

C.) I am not a Valentine’s Day girl…we’re grabbing carry-out and eating in.

D.) We’ll do dinner in and go share a chocolate lava cake somewhere after.

Do you actually enjoy doing your hair?

A.) Absolutely. It’s a little time to treat myself.

B.) Sometimes. That answer usually depends on the result I got that day.

C.) Wait, there are people who like doing their hair?

D.) I don’t mind it, but I definitely wouldn’t say I like it.

Your go-to style for your hair is…

A.) Whatever suits my mood for the day!

B.) I usually do a quick blowout and maintain it with dry shampoo through the week.

C.) Does dry shampoo count as “styling my hair”?

D.) I usually aim for a pony or a bun, depending on how hot it is.

You would never use _____ in your hair!

A.) There is no limit to what I will use in my hair….

B.) More than one, maybe two styling products.

C.) I haven’t really thought about that…it’s not really on my radar.

D.) A ton of pins.

You are willing to use…

A.) Hot tools, hairspray, styling cream, bobby pins…the works.

B.) Maybe my curling iron, a little finishing spray.

C.) Um…a hair elastic?

D.) Hairspray, maybe. Right?

If you picked mostly A, a soft chignon is right for you. It’ll stay out of your face (and lip gloss) for dinner, it looks refined and classic, and matches the fanciness of your dress and heels without going into prom-updo territory. Living Proof Prime Style Extender Spray on damp hair before you blow it out to pin it up will be your best friend for keeping hair smooth and soft-looking with great hold. Finish with Moroccan Oil Strong Luminous Hairspray.

If you picked mostly B, you should add some simple, soft waves with a big curling iron. If your hair is curly already, use the iron to tweak some of your more unruly pieces. If you’re straight or wavy, simply add a little extra movement and texture. Spritz with Bumble and Bumble Cityswept Finish and shake it out to make your style look lived in in the best way possible.

If you picked mostly C, do the cutest little messy bun this side of the Mississippi. Flip your head upside down to gather your hair. It doesn’t have to be neat! Fasten with an elastic, like Blax, that will hold without being too obvious in the hair. Tousle that ponytail! Haphazardly pin pieces around the base of the pony, working in a pinwheel pattern. Pull out some tiny “baby hairs” in front of your ears and at the base of your neck to give the messy bun a little intentional softness. 


If you picked mostly D, you need a textured braid. Spritz some Living Proof Flex Shaping Hairspray at the roots of the crown, then shake out so there’s lift and texture but not clumpiness. Pin the top half back with two bobbies cris-crossed for hold, and use that slight bump to create the middle section of your braid. Pull small pieces back in a French braid until you get to the shortest pieces that will still fit in the braid — we don’t want a bunch of those little loose guys at the end. Fasten with a Blax hair tie, and lightly spray fingers with Flex before loosening little bits of the braid to make it look more voluminous. Ta-da!  

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