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a wardrobe of special pieces

Prior to traveling to Costa Rica, I emptied my closet of everything that I no longer wear (or have never worn) and brought bags and bags and bags of clothing to both consignment […]

light layers for travel

by Darby, Kiskadee There are people who dress up for flights and people who roll out of bed and hop on the plane. Growing up, it was instilled into me that air travel […]

the art of lounging

Yesterday, I ziplined, rappelled down a tree and a waterfall, and hiked through the jungle. That was an anomaly on this particular vacation though. For the most part, our days go as follows: […]

to dust bag or not to dust bag?

Lynn: When traveling, should I really pack my shoes in the bags that come with them? It seems like a waste of space. Lyndsay, The Shoe Hive: Whether you decide to use your […]

carry-on essentials

Melissa: What essentials do you pack in your carry-on for a long flight? Darby, Kiskadee: Alright, I’ll get straight to it. Here is what I pack: Lipstick, an instant makeover when you are […]

three easy vacation looks

by Sophie, The Shoe Hive If you’re anything like us you’ve spent the last few weeks fantasizing about hopping on a plane, train or ship to somewhere tropical. For those of you lucky […]

street style: jeanna reidy & suzanne carlough

Community, cocktails, shopping and a spring fashion show…all for a great cause! Junior Friends of The Campagna Center volunteers, Jeanna Reidy and Suzanne Della Pella Carlough are co-chairs for the Toast to Fashion […]

scarves, functional and fabulous

by Gayla, Coco Blanca In the past scarves were mostly worn by women to protect their newly styled, teased hairdo from the wind or rain. This was our Mother’s generation or maybe YOUR […]

la marinière

by Susan, Zoe Boutique As we inch up on Spring, what better thought than April in Paris? We are so inspired by the Spring trend La Marinière, which is the name for the […]

sheer genius

by Darby, Kiskadee Sheer fabrics such as mesh, crochet, and lace have been around for a long time. From a lace overly, a peek-a-boo crochet back, or a full-on mesh top, I’ve seen […]

earrings + necklaces?

Sandra: Is there ever a situation where you should wear earrings AND a necklace? Lyndsay, The Shoe Hive: Absolutely! I often wear stud earrings with a statement necklace, or chandelier earrings with a […]

award-winning spanish handbags

by Lyndsay, The Shoe Hive Last summer, Elizabeth and I traveled to the Vegas shoes and accessories show for the first time. Despite it being a success, it was probably a one-time thing […]

street style: the schell sisters

Emily Schell Jones loves the urban suburban oasis of Rosemont. Emily and her husband, Brian, lived in Brooklyn before choosing to call Alexandria their home and although they considered purchasing a new home […]

the monogram is back

by Sophie, The Shoe Hive Not just for New England prepsters and kids’ school supplies anymore, the monogram is back in a big way. Monogrammed items make wonderful gifts so with wedding and […]

fashion pet peeves

Nicole: Do you have any fashion pet peeves? Darby, Kiskadee: Where to begin?! I could write a whole series on this! My biggest pet peeve is probably when people don’t wear the correct […]

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