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look of the day: the shoe hive’s tenth anniversary party

In case you hadn’t heard, The Shoe Hive’s 10th Anniversary Party hosted along with Refinery29 is tomorrow evening, and of course you’re invited. Obviously, we have been discussing what to wear for weeks, […]

a uniform of sorts

When I get my kids dressed in the morning and put on their school uniforms I tend to be a little jealous. Wouldn’t life be easy for all of us if we woke […]

tights and open-toed shoes?

Reader: Can I wear tights with open-toed shoes this season? I know it was popular last year, but I never tried it. Should I? Sara: Tights and open toe shoes? This at first can start to sound like […]

look of the day: art on the avenue

Many of you probably already know that Art on the Avenue is this Saturday. Del Ray’s annual music and arts festival always draws out the crowds–mostly locals. It’s a great opportunity to spend […]

a story of survival in style

Last year as our nation “celebrated” breast cancer awareness month, my family, friends, and I became even more acutely aware of breast cancer than most who bought a pink-topped yogurt container. Having received […]

black and brown?

Reader: First they tell us never to wear brown and black together. Then they say you can but only some browns go with black. Then they say both are neutrals so it all […]

trend alert: sporty jackets

This week marks the beginning of October and thus the beginning of those crisp fall days, jack-o-lanterns, leaves changing colors, and yes–Jackets! One of the biggest (and most wearable) trends for Fall/Winter 2013 […]

street style: pouneh

We are so grateful to Pouneh, one of our friends and fellow store owners, for letting us capture her street style yesterday! Pouneh is married and has two boys. She started 529 Kids […]

what to wear when days are cold then hot

So, it’s freezing in the morning and is crazy hot during the day. What are we supposed to wear to work all day? The best and most obvious choice is to layer! We […]

look of the day: fundraising event

Initially, we set out to create a look for a board meeting to share with you today. We all had different thoughts on what that looks like though and not all of us […]

a trend for now and later: over-the-knee boots

Reader: It seems like over-the-knee boots look so great on everyone else but somehow they don’t work on me. I should clarify that I am short and not of model proportions. Should I […]

look of the day: homecoming

Homecoming is an important day for most people as you reconnect with old friends and revisit old memories. The goal is to look put together and stylish while being prepared for anything the […]

crushing on crimson

I normally dread the dark colors of the Fall Season. Temperatures are cooler, days are shorter, and all I want to do is curl up inside with a blanket, a book, and a […]

look of the day: apple picking

Last week, we all sat down to come up with a list of topics for our new daily series: look of the day. Cocktails with the girls. Board meeting. Brunch with the in-laws. […]

on how not to look like a dominatrix

Reader: Loving the leather trend but how do I wear it without looking like a dominatrix? Tara: What’s wrong with looking like a dominatrix? A little cat suit never hurt anyone. *wink* I […]

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