Stylebook Recommends: Summer Blockbusters

So we’re in it! It’s summer! After an awesome long weekend relaxing and BBQing, the women of Stylebook wanted to share our recommendations for whiling away lazy summer days. We’ll share our fave beach reads, binge watches, but today we kick it off with blockbusters. (Spoiler alert: Wonder Woman)



Amy, Red Barn Mercantile

I’m just going to own it. Despicable Me 3 is the one that I can’t wait to see.  Summer is all about fun and Gru and his Minions bring it every time.

Alex, Ivy Lane Living

I want to go with the woman-empowering mojo and give the nod to Wonder Woman. Decent action packed movie but the star herself is real reason to go. She is outstandingly beautiful and apparently a bad ass in real life, too. We went as a family and everyone seemed entertained. By the end of what is a long movie, I wanted to slip on a leotard, a tiara, and wield a truth telling lasso! Sounds like fun! 🙂

Britt, The Patterson Group

We don’t see many movies, but when we do, it’s at Alamo Drafthouse in Ashburn! It’s owned by two Alexandria families and offers the absolute best movie-going experience: bottomless popcorn, 65+ draft beers, and wine brought to your seat…everything you could ever want! This summer, Geoff and I will see Wonder Woman (love a good girl-power movie) and Dunkirk (what man doesn’t love a great war movie?!). And big congrats to the Alamo Drafthouse owners, who are opening a second Virginia location in Charlottesville in July!

Susie, The Patterson Group

Rough Night and Baywatch! (I’m clearly a big fan of thought-provoking, intellectual movies).

Madelyn, Stylebook editor

I am NOT a superhero movie person. True story: the last superhero movie I saw in a theater was Batman…with Michael Keaton. In 1989. But I saw Wonder Woman (how could I not?!) and OMG!!! Is this what I’ve been missing? I will be seeing it again. And maybe Spider-Man: Homecoming. But I draw the line at anything Transformers! The Big Sick also looks very sweet. I’ll never not love a RomCom, and this one has a great backstory.


The Glass Castle, based on writer and journalist Jeanette Wall’s memoir recounting her unconventional upbringing.

Celeste, Kiskadee

I have two preteens so Cars 3, however I would love to see Atomic Blonde, really, just because of the title and…. well…. I am blonde.

Christen The Hive + The Shoe Hive

I can’t say I’m really into going to the movies. Thanks to my talented husband, we have a pretty sweet television-and-speaker set up at home, and I prefer to curl up on my couch with him and my dog and a big bowl of popcorn. I’d much rather lounge in pajamas and pause the movie to go to the bathroom! So basically, if it’s on Netflix or Amazon or Hulu I’ll watch it, but until then I’ll be left in the dark (pun intended.) If you’re like me and would rather stay in than go out, here are the movies I watched most recently on Netflix and enjoyed: Chef, The First Monday in May, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, Diana, J. Edgar, and Iris. There are others, but I can’t think of them right now; for me it’s more about the moment than the movie.


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