The Stylebook Top Five

Every week we bring you the top five things we are loving. This week, the Stylebook Top Five includes the perfect hostess gift, convertible hand warmers and a statement jacket! But we want you to share your favorite things with us too! Don’t forget to share your favorite things each week with #StylebookTop5 and tagging @alxstylebook on Twitter and Instagram.


Susie: This gorgeous, handmade Laguiole French cheese knife set is the perfect gift for any sophisticated hostess or friend. (Available at Coco Blanca, $71)

Darby: We are obsessing over these convertible cashmere hand warmers by Claudia Nicole. You can wear them extra toasty with the hand warmer covering the gloves, remove the hand warmer and simply wear the gloves, or only wear the hand warmers — your choice depending upon your needs of the day!  Also, since they come in 10 different color combinations, these convertible hand warmers will be a terrific addition to your winter wardrobe!  (Available at Kiskadee, $79)

Elizabeth: From lightly scented bars of soap to a richly hydrating gel to a body butter that’s so rich you can hold the jar upside down with no cap on and not lose any, Moroccan Oil’s Body Line, an extension of the popular Moroccan Oil haircare line, is a no-brainer for this windy time of year. (Available at Bellacara, $12-$56)

Elizabeth: Our favorite interpretation of the choker trend by the designers we are currently obsessed with, Lizzie Fortunato: the Cowgirl Choker. (Available at The Hive, $195)

Creative Director’s Pick: I was introduced to this artwork photographing at Tsalt a few weeks ago. Needless to say, I haven’t stopped thinking about it! This is a statement jacket that is a must for the season! (Available at Tsalt)

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