Styling Fall Pieces, from September through December

Styling Fall Pieces, from September through December

Fall spans a huge range of temperatures in the D.C. area. The key to style and comfort is having the right pieces to layer as we transition from warm to cool to downright cold, so we prepared a month-by-month guide of what to wear that will carry you through the season. Even better? Prices range from $60-$100.

Styling Fall Pieces

For the most part, September in Virginia is still just as warm and humid as the summers! But it does get cooler in the evenings, so it’s great to have a few transition pieces on hand. We love this collared drape-hem chiffon top and this asymmetrical cutout top. Both are pieces that look wonderful over jeans, and are flexible to wear with or without a sweater.


Styling Fall Pieces

Cooler days and cold nights will comprise most of October here in Alexandria. We love this crushed velvet t-shirt dress with dark jeans, or just by itself with cute leather booties! It is warm, but the cropped sleeves keep you cool, because you don’t have to bundle up quite yet…

We also love this crop-sleeve sweatshirt because the sleeves can roll up or down depending on the weather! Plus, the asymmetrical stripe layers play into the thin vertical stripe trend we saw in summer 2017! Paired with ballet flats and perhaps a fringed knit scarf, this comfy and cute top brings you right into the cool season!


Styling Fall Pieces

Novembers are always a toss-up! We could get a snow-coated season, or a fairly warm season that rivals summer with its sunshine! So while we would love to pull out our turtlenecks, long-sleeve, loose-knit light, cotton sweaters are the way to go. We adore this duster top with a cowl neck. It is right on trend, and would be elevated with some cropped raw-hem jeans and some ankle boots. This loose gray sweater is also to die for…the cutouts near the shoulders are breezy and cute.


Styling Fall Pieces

When December arrives, fall comes to an end and we begin to think about snowfall, thick knit sweaters, and bundling up for the annual Scottish Christmas Walk! These gorgeous sweaters make incredible layers, while keeping you warm under your fur-lined parka! In neutral colors, these sweaters easily slip over leggings and jeans alike. Pair with knee-high, dark brown leather boots for a classic and relaxed look.

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