Teen & ‘Tween Style: A Stylist’s Daughter’s Perspective

When I was teenager everyone was wearing Forenza, Outback Red, and Benetton. I remember vividly shopping the Benetton sales once a year with my mom and stocking up. My all-time favorite was a blue chunky crew neck sweater with a black band around the neck and wrists. It had a giant letter B on the front. I felt so hip!

Today, I am just entering the teen years with my oldest child, Marley. It is surreal because my most concrete memories of my childhood start at the age she is at now. I can remember thinking and feeling just like she is thinking and feeling right now. In some ways it feels like I am revisiting the teen years again with her.

Up until this past year, my daughter, frankly, really didn’t care much about fashion. And, I never discussed fashion or style with her because I always felt she had plenty of time to care about what she looks like. I just wanted her to be a kid.

This fall, though, she asked me to go shopping to “get some cute stuff” and she had a very clear idea of what that meant.

I know ‘tweens and teens are so tough to shop for in terms of size (for my daughter, we need adult length but kid width) and style (hello, really mature clothing for young girls). I thought it would be fun to go to the teen source and share some of Marley’s thoughts about what she looks for, plus some of the shopping resources we both really like for her. One of the perks of having a mom as a personal stylist is once you know your style…she knows where to go to put it all together.



What does personal style mean to you?

Clothing that makes you feel confident and comfortable, but that doesn’t mean you are staying the same. I’m 13 so I am always trying new things and following what’s “in” that also feels good to me. For example, I wear crop tops and high-waisted jeans, but I won’t do the fanny pack trend.


Where is your favorite place to shop and why?

H&M. When I wear clothing from there I feel comfortable and confident.

[Rosana: We also shop online at ASOS, Modcloth, and Nordstrom Rack).]


What do kids your age think is cool to wear?

Gucci sneakers, but no one can afford them! Crop tops with high-waisted jeans are what everyone wears. Converse, Vans, and Birkenstocks are everyday shoes. Scrunchies are in right now. I was just in H&M the other day with two friends looking for scrunchies.


What do you think of leggings as pants?

People my age wear leggings with an oversize sweatshirt or with a cropped sweatshirt or crop top.



Do you do leggings with a crop top?

I am not allowed.

[Rosana: That’s right! Leggings are not pants! 😉 ]


What is your go-to, favorite outfit to wear right now?

High-waisted shorts or jeans with my striped crop top. When it gets cold, I will do leggings with an oversize sweatshirt, too.


Do you accessorize?

I don’t usually wear jewelry, but my friends will wear scrunchies and big hoop earrings.


Do you go into your parents’ closet?

Sometimes I get hand me downs, but it’s not my generation’s style, if i am being honest.



When you want to get dressed up, what does this look like?

When I go to my friends’ bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs, I would wear a dress with converse sneakers. The flats I have were pointy and weird.


When did you start caring about fashion and style?

I have always had an interest in style because of what you do, but I really started to care more about what was in style middle of sixth grade.


H&M or Forever 21?

Forever 21 is a little more grown up. H&M has better choices for kids my age.


I am a personal stylist and your mom. Do you feel pressure to dress a certain way?

No, I do not…but leggings are pants!


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