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When my friend, style doyenne and food enthusiast, Lisa Herget offers her secret to easy summer entertaining I immediately take advantage. We all want no stress, impromptu and no fail recipes for summer evenings. Lisa manages to accomplish all of this by being prepared and relying on plentiful produce from local farmers markets and herbs from her garden.


She starts by making in advance a basil pesto and keeping in her freezer. Basil, olive oil, pine nuts, parmesan, salt and pepper. Process in blender.

Steamed Vegetables

Cut into bite size pieces corn, squash, zucchini, asparagus, etc..whatever is available at the farmer’s market. Steam in a skillet with lid in about 1/4 cup water just till bright and crispy. Mix in a couple of tablespoons of the pesto or to taste.

This can be served with pasta, fish or chicken. Easy as that!

Corn Collage

Here are two more easy recipes that all work together.

Easy salmon recipe
Soak a cedar plank in water about an hour. Marinate the salmon in olive oil, lemon juice, Dijon and herbs of choice. Place fish on plank. Grill over medium to high heat around 400 degrees until fish is mostly cooked through. Keep it a bit rare so that it doesn’t dry out.

Summer tomatoes

Mix color and sizes of tomatoes. Reduce balsamic vinegar until syrupy. Drizzle over tomatoes along with good olive oil. Season with Maldon sea salt and cracked pepper.

Of course you need stylish and trendy table settings to serve this easy summer recipe.

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