Summer Hair Hacks: Beach Waves, Bantu Knots & Braids

It’s that time of year, filled with sun and summer fun along with the hustle and bustle of last minute work obligations, activities with the kids, that much-needed family vacay, or maybe just a get away with the girls. We know there’s a lot going on, so today we’re covering how to get our favorite summer looks at home in less time and without putting too much extra heat on your hair.

The biggest wave this summer from a hair perspective is the effortless yet beautiful beach wave. You can achieve this look with either a heat styling tool or by simply spiraling and twisting your hair in a way that will allow your hair to set and stay wavy. The first rule of the beach wave is to use a product that enhances hold and texture. We love Aveda Texture Tonic, which is a combination of sugar cane to smooth the hair, epsom salt to add volume, and Babassu Oil to moisturize your tresses. Texture Tonic accompanied with your favorite leave-in spray conditioner will have your beach waves on another level whether you use a flat iron or simply Bantu knot your hair depending on how extreme you want your waves.

Speaking of the Bantu knot, it’s a style that originated in West Africa and is beautiful on its own. However, many people don’t know if you put your hair in a Bantu knot when wet and let it dry then your hair transforms into a beautiful, natural beach wave. A Bantu knot is simply parting your hair into six to ten big sections, depending on the thickness of your hair, and then twisting each individual section. Once the section is twisted, you simply roll the twist into a spiral bun almost like Princess Leia from Star Wars. The look is interesting and might not be for everyone, but the outcome is a beautiful and simple natural wave.

Another way to approach the wave is heat styling. Just part your hair in diagonal sections and wrap your hair around your flat iron in a spiral motion, then let it sit for 10 seconds and when you let you hair go, it will create a flawless wave! This may take a few practice runs, but eventually it gets easier.

Our last trend to watch this summer is adding a simple braid to your everyday look. Whether your hair is down and sleek/straight or wavy/curly and in a bun/ponytail, all you need is some hairspray like Air Control by Aveda. Then just grab three strands of hair and cross them back in forth from hand to hand and you’ll have a braid you can bobby pin in to your desired look and hit the town or the beach! This will have you looking great and won’t take a whole lot of time to get you there.

We love how many trends this summer have become increasingly effortless, which is good because even something simple can look amazing! We hope these tips help you to get through the summer without too much heat styling! Until next time!


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