summer wardrobe tips for expecting moms

The heat is on!

Summer has come early this year and warmer weather can make it tricky for expecting moms who need to dress their growing bumps. So when Stylebook asked me–as owner of 529 Kids Consign and mom of two–to provide their mom-to-be readers with a few summer wardrobe tips and must-haves I jumped at the chance. Here’s what I learned and what I advise my customers.


Photo credit: Mud Stew Photography and Design LLC

1. Keep it simple. When out shopping, focus on finding basics: a great fitting tee, pair of white jeans, and a pair of chic leggings will go a long way in making your pregnant style work for you!


Photo credit: Mud Stew Photography and Design LLC

2. Buy an easy to wear dress in a solid color and that can be dressed up or down. With a simple swap of accessories, the dress will work for a multitude of occasions. Even better? Get one in a machine-washable fabric that you won’t be taking to the dry cleaners with every wear.

4. Don’t get stuck on the pool deck. You might think you’ll be fine lounging in your caftan at your friend’s annual pool party, but the truth is: you will be hot. Invest in a bathing suit that you love so you will feel great about yourself AND can take a dip to cool off. PS It’s okay to show some skin!

5. Don’t be afraid of prints. Thus far, I’ve only really mentioned solids, but florals and polka dots are both big trends this season. There is no reason why you shouldn’t embrace them too.


6. And of course save where you can! You don’t have to blow your budget to stay chic. Shop consignment to find great pieces at even greater prices. At 529 Kids Consign we even have prosthetics for women to try on to estimate what they will look like as their bellies grow!


Photo credit: Mud Stew Photography and Design LLC

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