Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back. And that tribe usually includes her mom. At least in our case it does. This Mother’s Day, we decided to share with you what we love most about our moms and what we’ll be giving them this year.

My mom was green before being green was cool. She was kind of a hippie Martha Stewart who belonged to a country club. We wore cloth diapers, ate homemade granola and jams, picked and canned vegetables from our garden that was probably not allowed by the neighborhood association. Even recently she made us dye Easter eggs naturally. Needless to say she was ahead of her time. Who knew the slow food movement had stretched as far as Worthington Hills?! I am happy she passed all of this on to me. I mean, don’t get me wrong: there isn’t a chemical my hair hasn’t met. When it comes to skincare products and food, however, I try to be my mother’s daughter.

So for mother’s day I am sending my mom a citronella candle from Skeem to help keep the bugs away naturally. In her package, I will also include my new obsession, Little Barn Apothecary lip balm made from all organic and wild harvested ingredients.



I recently flew to Houston to pay my mom a visit as she’s recovering from surgery. I loved having her to myself — no sibling or husband! We shopped, had a spa day, cooked, worked on our side business, and just generally caught up on everything. I left grateful for something I already knew but had been reminded of: my mom is my best friend. She understands me better than anyone; most times I don’t even have to say anything and she knows what I’m thinking and feeling. I did go to great lengths to spoil her while I was there so she made me promise not to get her anything for Mother’s Day. I agreed, but I don’t think she’ll mind if I send her a little something.

My mom carries a water bottle around with her everywhere she goes. She has always been so good about exercising daily, eating well, and drinking tons of water. It’s why she still has no wrinkles! But her current water bottle needs an upgrade so I am planning to send her a BKR bottle from The Hive. Totally dishwasher safe, it’s stylish and functional. I consider it my job to ensure Mom has a little luxury in her life and sometimes even a water bottle can do the trick!



First and foremost, happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely and loving moms out there. Yet I am mindful that Mother’s Day can be a tough holiday for some people as not everyone’s mom is around to celebrate. Still, I think it is important to acknowledge not only biological mothers but those who have played a parental and motherly role in our lives. After I lost my mom at the age of ten, my wonderful Aunt Jamie took me in as her own and she became my “mom.” I am so lucky to have her and I have an amazing sister, too! This is one of my favorite pictures of us from two years ago in Malibu; we had an amazing time! Jamie is one of the funniest and wittiest people I know. She is my source of information for all things; she knows everything. There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t talk. I love her to pieces and miss her every day.

Jamie is a free spirit and I just know she would love all things Ulla Johnson, as do I! The Siran Dress would carry her through spring and summer…and well into the Texas fall! She looks fabulous in white as it showcases her tanned skin. The next thing I am hoping to get her are the festive Issa espadrilles by Sam Edelman. The pom-poms are just too stinkin’ cute! A great addition to anyone’s wardrobe, these are a steal.

Finally, anyone who knows me knows I am an undercover beauty junkie. The latest-and-greatest lip care can be found at The Hive — the Henne Organics lip balm kit. It is the perfect all-in-one gift and it totally works! We all love how silky and smooth our lips have gotten after using it a few weeks. I can’t wait to get Jamie hooked on it, too!


I don’t think anyone would describe my mom as laid back, but she does appreciate (and taught me to appreciate) the finer things in life. Food, wine, and clothes! So even though Raquel Allegra’s designs are very west-coast casual, I can totally picture Mom wearing this blouse with jeans for dinner with the whole family. It is made of 100 percent silk and is hand dyed, so no piece is exactly the same! And the best part is she can wear it all year round!



My mom has managed to raise four girls to adulthood while maintaining her sanity. Do you know how much estrogen that is under one roof?!? She is made of some seriously tough stuff! Her patience and strength in raising me and my sisters never ceases to amaze me. I have a bit of an adventurous side and she has been there and supportive no matter what I have gotten myself into. When I moved to Guatemala to work for a sustainable development organization, she came and visited me! When I decided to start keeping bees and got stung in the eye, she nursed me back to health! When I got in a terrible motorcycle accident in Vietnam, she flew half way across the globe to bring me home! She is super woman. She is my hero. I am so blessed to have been made hers.

Like Elizabeth, I am getting my mom a Skeem Candle. We have so many amazing scents available, but the one I would pick for her is the Grapefruit Citronella blend. She loves grapefruit and always gets eaten up by mosquitoes. This candle smells amazing and deters bugs!!  I am also getting my mom the Petite Kismet Cuff by Asha. It is the most beautiful, dainty bracelet and it is good for every day, but can be left on for evening. I know she is never going to want to take this off!


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