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If there is one thing we can all agree on in our consumerist economy, it’s that we create so much waste. To be fair, it’s really not totally our fault, in my opinion. While plastic was a seemingly incredible invention at the time, now everything we buy is contained in it. Not only is it linked to causing cancer, but these mechanisms of convenience (water bottles, snack packs, etc.) are also polluting our land (landfills) and oceans. Ever heard of the great plastic garbage patch? We’re told it’s a floating mass which is a collection of plastic in the Pacific Ocean. I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound great to me. Point being, going more natural and sustainable, in every sense of those words, is simply the socially conscious, cleaner, healthier, and better solution. Not only for our planet but for our minds, bodies, and spirits. In honor of Earth Day, I thought I’d take you through how I got involved with some best practices.


Hydrate Properly

A very easy place to start. Your personal hydration. You can start with a reusable water bottle found at practically every boutique in Old Town. Here’s a great option from The Shoe Hive. This water bottle comes in three super cute colors, so you should probably buy all three.

Be Trendy

Try considering how you shop for your clothes! When I founded Curated Classix (my sustainable, upcycled, vintage boutique), I initially had a very specific objective. My years of creating custom pieces as a stylist and costume designer sparked the idea. Instead of sourcing vintage garments to inspire a fresh creation, why not create a sustainable and affordable upcycled vintage option for the trend conscious yet, sustainable fashion consumer? And thus, a brand boutique was born! What started as a niche boutique concept became a lifestyle for me. Here are some of my favorite spring pieces that add instant style!




Clean Beauty

I switched to clean beauty brands like Beautycounter, Tarte, Thyrst, and more! Bellacara in Old Town carries RMS Beauty which is one of my favorite summer makeup lines for their balmy dewy finishes that are perfect for hot weather. They all kind of melt together perfectly!


I began composting from all the fresh pressed juicing I do. And now, our recycling bin is overflowing, and our trash is practically empty when it comes time to set the bins out. I’ve even thought about calling the city to ask for a second recycling bin.



Stop putting items in the trash. Donate to thrift shops, churches and list for free on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. Your stuff will be gone in an hour, I swear! I find myself donating and thrifting religiously. I also shop Poshmark and eBay before big box stores! It’s fun to hunt around, and I try to help where I can. A bit of effort goes a long way to show your love to our planet!


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With 10 years in the entertainment and celebrity styling industry under her belt, stylist Lindsey Evans decided to bring her Wardrobe Concierge Experience to the modern clients’ home. Lindsey began her styling career in 2010 as a Los Angeles native. Since pursuing a career in the fashion industry, she has been featured in publications such as InStyle, Elle, Interview, InTouch Weekly, among others. She studied under the tutelage of famed costume designer and celebrity stylist B. Akerlund and has assisted with styling several stars, including Katy Perry, Madonna, and Taylor Swift. Along the way, she picked up celebrity clients of her own and scored them on the best-dressed lists of Glamour and Teen Vogue.

Lindsey Evans Studio was established in the DMV area in 2017. What Lindsey Evans Studio is most known for is her ability to provide a luxury service for modern men and women of every body type, size, and budget. The client, as an individual, is at the epicenter of her personal styling philosophy. Whether you are a working professional, a D.C. socialite, an individual experiencing a transformative time of life, someone seeking a serious style upgrade, or just an organized closet facelift, Lindsey ensures that you fulfill your every aspiration through the careful curation of a wardrobe that is exquisitely tailored to your needs, lifestyle, and goals. The studio maintains Lindsey's Style for Self-Care Philosophy, which teaches clients how to use their personal style as a tool for leveling up all their goals. What to change your life? Change your outfit! Clearly this philosophy has been a hit as Lindsey Evans Studio was recognized in 2019 and 2020 as the Best Styling Service/Personal Shopper of Northern Virginia.

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