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Life is about to get a lot sweeter in Alexandria. Swēt Ride, the only studio dedicated to indoor cycling in Alexandria, is slated to open Saturday, November 15th. Owners Amy Barnes Morgan and Kat Zajac jumped on the opportunity when a space opened up in the heart of Del Ray. Here’s what they have to say about their new business venture and how it will help you tap in, tone up and sweeten life.


Stylebook: What is Swēt Ride?

Swēt Ride: Our studio is pronounced “Sweet”, but you can also expect to “Sweat” and Tone Up in every class. Our Swēt Ride cycling classes are designed to Tap In to your ambitions and create an escape – 50 minutes to focus on you, your health, and erase life’s worries with every heart pounding ride. We believe sweat is sweet and a sweeter life starts with a workout that challenges you, builds confidence, and unleashes your inner athlete. Our methodology is a ride choreographed to sweet-beats and focuses on Sweet Spot Training as well as high intensity intervals of hills, sprints, and more to maximize results and push you to the limit. Sweet-beats is our definition of music that is guaranteed to power you up those hills and set your pace during class, so you leave feeling a sense of accomplishment. We offer technology that will track your results in each class as well as store your progress and achievements all in your account online. We also offer cycling shoes (we’re a clip-in studio) and heart rate monitors to borrow. The blend of all these elements together is our definition of The Sweet Life.


Stylebook: How did you come up with the name?

Swēt Ride: Our name is a double entendre derived from the phonetic spelling of sweet (swēt) and sweat (swet). Sweat is sweet and an absolute in our lives. We want folks to embrace a challenging and sweaty workout to discover how much sweeter life is when you’re active and improving your mind and body.

Stylebook: Tell us a little about your background?


Amy: I am classically trained dancer (ballet) who experimented with different genres of dance as a choreographer and fitness enthusiast. I studied the Lotte Burke Method and have been teaching barre for 10 years and launched two studios called BARRETECH (Alexandria and Arlington) in 2012 and 2013. I spent 8 of those years as a Stryker representative specializing in sports medicine and minimally invasive surgery. My goal as a fitness professional is to deliver fun, efficient, and powerful workouts that drive results and are sustainable.


Kat: I have a degree in Exercise Science from The George Washington University. I am a former gymnast, and first found indoor cycling in high school, as a supplement to my training in the gym. As I studied exercise science during college, I fell in love with understanding how to effectively and safely develop training and exercise programs for individuals and found that building relationships and helping others to achieve their goals is one of the most rewarding experiences. I became a group fitness instructor and worked as a personal trainer throughout my graduate education. I got into outdoor cycling as a recreational sport and have participated in several century rides, as well as a 270 mile ride across Michigan. Indoor cycling was a perfect way to train for these endurance events and is the foundation of what we are doing here at Swēt Ride with the technique of training in the sweet spot.

Stylebook: What made you decide to open this studio together?

Swēt Ride: We developed a friendship quickly, when Amy hired Kat to be a barreTECH. We soon realized that we matched in terms of our values and passion for delivering intelligent, effective workouts that not only deliver results in a reasonable amount of time, but improve form and the body’s function overall. Let’s just say we were cut from the same cloth.

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Stylebook: How is Swēt Ride different than other cycle studios (such as Soul Cycle) that have been getting a lot of hype recently? 

Swēt Ride: We wanted to offer a fun way to workout, based on sport-specific techniques intended to maximize training in a shorter period of time. We are all busy, have families, and take on a lot, so focusing on what works best in an hour or less will improve your threshold not only in the workout (meaning you can train better and get results faster) but elsewhere in life like a family hike or a softball game in the park with friends. Our program focuses on driving results for cardiovascular fitness, strength as well as body composition. Pedaling at high RPMs and with minimal resistance can be fun, but our classes approach cycling with a specific technique, and are beneficial whether you are a cyclist looking to improve performance, or a fitness enthusiast who wants to become leaner and stronger – all while listening to some pretty sweet beats. Plus we invested in a technology that syncs with the bikes to track your performance so you can see, understand, and feel the changes to your body, heart, and mind.


Stylebook: What is the class pricing/class experience? 

Swēt Ride: A Single Class is $24 with the option to buy 5, 10, 20 and 30 class packages. Classes are 50 minutes or 1 hour. 50 minute ride is cycling only and 60 minute class is combo ride plus toning and abs. Class price includes: access to performance data (RPM, heart rate, calories burned, etc), as well as a limited inventory of cycling shoes and heart rate monitors to borrow during class. We want our community to be a blend of Swēt Girls and Swēt Guys looking for solid instruction on the bike and motivation off the bike. We will make you stronger, sexier, and more alive with our corp of cycleTechs, positive attitudes, and words of encouragement.   

Stylebook: When is the official opening? Any special offers for the opening? 

Swēt Ride: We officially open this Saturday, November 15th! We are offering our clients a special Swēt Deal – which is a 10 class package for only $132 ($13 per class). You can buy your sweet deal here.


Stylebook: Fall Fashion trend you are the most excited about? 

Amy: Pastels in the fall and nude/rose lip for winter.

Kat: I am a jeans, boots and sweater kind of girl!

Stylebook: Best clothing purchase or favorite piece of all time?

Amy: My 1978 vintage camel leather trench coat (got it for $16 at a Goodwill) in my old college town of Lexington, KY.

Kat: My cowboy boots that I bought a few years ago on a trip to Nashville, TN.


Learn more about Swēt Ride online at www.swet-ride.com and click here to purchase your Swēt Deal.

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