How Are You Doing?

This week, I want to catch my breath. The last few weeks have been a weird mixture of intense focus and extreme disconnectedness. It feels like we are settling into a new normal […]

Globalization 101: How the Jewelry Trade is Affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic

Our little shop – like so many other retailers – has seen a roller-coaster ripple effect over the last week as the response continues to develop to the coronavirus pandemic. Most of our […]

An Update on How We’re Managing Things

I had a post for this week all written and in file for publication. Then, last week, I asked Leigh to add an advisory to it about our updated hours. Now, I have […]

Ethical Sourcing Series: All About Lab Diamonds

Ok, you want to know how to get a bunch of jewelers to immediately argue? Bring up lab diamonds. These puppies are beloved by some, hated by others, and misunderstood by many. So, […]

Updated Wedding Traditions

With spring wedding season just around the corner, I got to thinking about the many ways couples – myself included – integrate their own traditions and narratives into these special events. Today, weddings […]

What is Ethical Sourcing?

Ethical sourcing has become a bit of a buzz term of late and it’s a trend that we’re happy to accommodate; though, to be honest, calling it a “trend” is unfair to the credibility […]

The Two Items I Can’t Leave Home Without Are…

We love to find ways to have our readers get to know us a little more..so what better way to get to know who we are then for us to tell you the […]

Introducing: Viva Vida at The Seedling Collective & Alx&Co.

If you have visited South Royal Street over the last week you may have noticed a new face on the block: Viva Vida, our newest pop-up at The Seedling Collective. Owner Mary Sapountzakis is […]

Behind the Design: Lisa’s Hula Ring

Here at Alx&Co. we are fortunate to have a collection of wonderful clients who are not only supportive of our craft but who are also incredibly interesting, intelligent, and thoughtful people. How lucky […]

What’s Your Ideal Valentine’s Day?

As you know, we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day a little differently this year at Alx&Co. by sharing our love with causes we love. That being said, there are about a million ways to honor […]

Who Do You Love to Love?

Valentine’s Day is for lovers… But who says it needs to be romantic love? While ruminating on the themes I wanted to touch upon for the holiday, I kept going back to the idea that […]

Tips from Tim: Our Most Frequently Asked Jewelry Questions

This week, we’re welcoming back everyone’s favorite guy for our regular series, Tips from Tim. I sat down with Tim and asked him what the top five questions are that he gets as […]

What’s Coming to The Seedling Collective

Many readers may remember that last year, I opened a new Pop-Up Studio where our old storefront used to be. Called The Seedling Collective, this space is dedicated to providing a customizable boutique space for […]

Planning for 2020

Now that we’re officially back in the swing of things after our small respite after the holidays, I wanted to share with you some reflections I have had over the last few days […]

Top Five Wedding Trends for 2020

Happy New Year! Here at Alx&Co. we are back at work after a week off and we are more excited than ever to share the next year with you. To get things started, […]

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