My 10 Commandments To Achieving Wellness: Part 2

Sometimes, it is just easier to stay in your lane lines. I have a certain set of guidelines by which I live. While others around you can seem like they are “flexible” and […]

My 10 Commandments To Achieving Wellness: Part 1

It may sound weird. It may sound super strict and stressful. Living with a set of “rules” or “guidelines” or just lifestyle choices that are non-negotiable can actually give you more freedom with […]

My Top Three Strategies to Burn Fat Every Day

We have all been there. We have worked so hard to get fit, eating all of the “right” foods, and yet, we still feel like we aren’t really “there” yet. Growing up in […]

Body Love Part 4: Ways to Eliminate Negative Body Talk for Good

How much do you talk down to yourself? I mean about your status, your measuring up to friends, and yes, even your body? Self-talk is part of being human. From the moment we […]

Body Love Part 3: Introducing ‘The AW Body Love Program’

“Re-thinking Body Image” Join us for a Journey to Love your Body I used to believe the food I ate and the exercise I chose would help me feel better about how my […]

Body Love Part 2: Shocking Revelation about My Daily Weight

I have had more days than I can count when how I felt about my body was defined by the number on the scale. I know that I am not alone. For so […]

Body Love Part 1: Shocking Discoveries

Join me on a journey to find true and lasting appreciation, awe, and love for your body. This spring, I will be co-hosting a four-week course based on science, research, my work with […]

Watch Us Live!

Our community is made of strong women, so what better way to share them and their businesses with you than going live! Alexandria Stylebook (@alxstylebook) will be going live on Instagram every day […]

One Exercise to do Every Day

I have one exercise you can do daily to rev up your metabolism, build muscle and strength, give you a quick cardio hit, build your balance, and rock your core. When I think of […]

Four Reasons Why Optimists are More “Fit”

So, you want this year to be the year you aim high. You want to stop worrying about how you look. You dream of the day you get dressed loving your body. You […]

Small Business Feature: OWLS Therapy

Last month we did a shoutout to Alexandria to see what small businesses should be featured in Alexandria Stylebook. Here is our first feature… OWLS Therapy is a pediatric speech therapy practice offering […]

What if a 600-Calorie Vanilla Milkshake Was Good for You?

Imagine you are at a restaurant… the menu, which includes calorie count, has two different milkshakes. You are really craving a milkshake and will order one. You simply need to determine which one […]

My 4 Nutrition Tips That Might Surprise You: Part 3

It feels like, now more than ever, so many women are focused on their “diets.” They are searching for that magic diet that will bring them happiness and contentedness with their health and […]

My 4 Nutrition Tips That Might Surprise You: Part 2

I know you want a list of foods to eat. Maybe you want what the media has “fed” you: a list of “eat this” “not that?” Maybe you thought I’d give you a […]

My 4 Nutrition Tips That Might Surprise You: Part 1

It’s not what you eat; it’s why, when, and where… Of all of the questions I get, the one that most seems to trouble women is their confusion over food. Although in my […]

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