summer sporting

Kate: I’m going to a lot of sporting events this summer. I don’t want to just wear a t-shirt and shorts, but it’s going to be so hot! Any recommendations? Alicia, Tullebox: When […]

will the big labowski inspire you this fall?

Rarely do I purchase flowers at the farmer’s market, but last Saturday I was taken with this single rose in a 5 gallon bucket. Purchasing one rose may seem odd…but you had to […]

weekend recap

Susie finally finished her book before her book club gathering! For Angela, Father’s Day is about hanging out with my guys watching the Nats game. Alicia took advantage of a beautiful morning at […]

alicia’s look: a casual bike ride

I live in Old Town. Clearly, there are many things to love about this fact, but one of the perks I love the most is the ability to walk or bike almost anywhere. […]

alicia’s look: the pool

This weekend I am making the pool my priority. We are still wrapping up soccer games which has kept from my long awaited “first day” at the pool. When I finally take the […]

what is a stylist? (and a great introductory offer)

styl·ist  noun \ˈstī-list\  : a person whose job is to make something (such as a person’s hair) look attractive Many people hear the word “stylist” and think of Rachel Zoe putting celebrities in gowns […]

when to splurge and when to save

Sabrina: On which items should I splurge and where should I try to save? Alicia McCaslin: Basically, I like to suggest using the “cost per wear” approach to where to invest. Summer is […]

welcome our new stylebook members!

Before introducing you to our new members, let us express one last time how sad we are to see Zoe close, and how much we will miss interacting with Susan and her employees […]

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