how to tie a sarong or pareo

I would be quite happy to be barefoot and in my bathing suit on all summer, as long as I was near the water. Lucky me, we moved into a house with a […]

oh, but amy, you were so good: a review

Certain things fly across my radar and I get a visceral reaction. The release of “Amy” immediately captured my attention and I put it high on the list of things to do. From […]


tranˈziSH(ə)n,tranˈsiSH(ə)n/ Transitioning into summer style for me often starts with my jewelry wardrobe. I take a break from the heavy link chains and bangle groupings that represent the classic part of my style […]

a stylist’s search turns lemons into lemonade

I purchased my first pair of Supergas over eBay in 1998. They shipped from Europe. I had seen them in a magazine (more than likely it was Elle) and started my search for […]

capturing an audience

My love of fashion was established when I was a teenager. It may have started with Brooke Shields and the Calvin Klein ad. The power of an image has everything to do with […]

the 80/20 rule

This week I am taking a break from our European Vacation travel series but have received some adorable photos from Kara in Paris. Read how she implemented the 80/20 Principle and find out […]

european vacation: part two (the cosmetic case)

Last week I introduced readers to a Kara, who is now on her way to Paris (for the first time ~ how magical!). I helped put together her travel wardrobe and some outfits […]

european vacation: part one (what to pack)

This week I’m excited to bring you the first in a three part series of travel posts. The idea was inspired by working with a new client who was so kind to help […]

what to wear: florals

Elizabeth and I had the opportunity to speak in front of the Belle Haven Women’s Club on the topic of Runway To Reality ~ A guide to Spring/Summer 2015. Speaking engagements are not […]

the stylebook questions

A few days ago, I gave a joint presentation with my friend and local stylist Alicia Mccaslin on style, trends and what every woman should have in her closet. We were trying to […]

ask stylebook: dressing for the heat?

Katie: I am going to an outdoor wedding in the south in the middle of July. It’s going to be hot! Is there a fabric or color choice I should look for in […]

tsalt: vintage with a modern approach

If you wait long enough, life will provide exactly what you desire. I’ve been lucky to be able to live out a few of my dream jobs. After completing one of them (at […]

what to wear: start with your jewelry

One way to create a look that is pulled together? Start with your jewelry. This Mother’s Day, you may be lucky and receive a great piece of jewelry from Coco Blanca. When we […]

genetically influenced: a mother’s day tribute

Mother’s Day is this coming weekend and I thought there would be no better time to share one the biggest influences on my style…my mom. Some of you may know by now that […]

ask stylebook: undergarments?

Stacy: What undergarments should you wear under white pants and shorts? Alicia, The Tulle Box: I’m a Commando girl. And no, not au naturel! I love the undergarments from the brand Commando. The […]

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