A Hair Smoothing Solution That’s *Really* Formaldehyde-Free: It’s Organic and It Works

When hair straighten treatments first became available, it was life-changing for so, so many women – myself included. Whether Japanese Straightening or the Brazilian Blowout, the promise of sleek, smooth, shiny, frizz-free, easy-maintenance […]

Looking for the Best Blow Out in Town? Quelle Surprise! It’s French (and for you…only $35!)

Get camera-ready hair from our award-winning salon, led by celebrity stylist Claude Marcel.  At Claude Marcel, he and our expert staff employ French architectural techniques to create the perfect “groomed, ungroomed” look, and, […]

5 Facts about Hair Loss, How It Affects Women + What You Can Do

One out of every two women over the age of 60 suffers from alopecia, which is the general medical term for hair loss. While there are many types of hair loss with different […]

Hair Love: Introducing our 2016 Collection, Celebration de L’amour

We are very pleased to share with you our exclusive 2016 collection Celebration de L’amour by Claude Marcel. Says Claude: “Love is the great equalizer. An emotion so powerful it transforms those it […]

One of America’s Top AVEDA Salons Is Right Here in Alexandria: How Claude Marcel and His “French Style” Will Transform You

You know Stylebook is always on the lookout for the best in lifestyle, the latest trends, and how it will all work for you here, locally. Well, we are excited to share that […]

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