Street Style: Eva Alexander

Eva Alexander has been a member of Fitness on the Run since 2015. During this time, she has inspired others to get fit and stay fit, including her 75-year-old mother, Victoria. This mother-daughter duo enjoys working […]
Getting Back into Fitness

Getting Back into Fitness (or: Thanks a Lot, Elizabeth)

As you may have read, Elizabeth came back from Italy and decided that she needed to get back into a fitness and wellness regimen. Unfortunately for me, Elizabeth doesn’t like to work out […]

Scales, Part 2: Are “Fat Days” and “Thin Days” Real?

  Weighing yourself can be motivating and depressing — but did you know the number you see on the scale can change almost as quickly as you blink? As the Tony Robbins quote says, […]

“Independents” Week Q+A: Fitness on the Run’s Adrien Cotton, Drawn To Help Others

Fitness on the Run clients know: health and wellness are important, lifelong pursuits, but that doesn’t mean a fitness program can’t also be fun. By constantly learning about and sharing with her clients […]

Does Weighing Yourself for Weight Loss Work? (Part 1) 

Should you weigh yourself daily, weekly, monthly, or not at all? Where I am landing on this one just might surprise you. I’ll give you a hint: there is no real, perfect number for any […]

Four Friends: Retired, Medicine-free, 100 Pounds Lighter

Would you believe…these four are a combined 100 pounds lighter than they were just two years ago? And they are all prescription medication free? Want to know HOW? Read on and join us for an […]

So You Want Your Child To Be a High School or College Athlete? (Part 1)

Fitness on the Run (FOR) instructor Erica Morales is an example of what it takes to be a college athlete. She learned many lessons over the years and continues to lead an active and healthy […]

3 Tips for a Bloat-Free Spring Break

Bloating is one of the most common symptoms that too many people struggle with on a daily basis. With spring around the corner and the warmer weather, it can be a drag to […]

I Am, at Heart, a Ballerina

I am, at heart, a Ballerina. I’ve spent the majority of my life in ballet shoes. I started ballet at the relatively late — age 9 — and immediately fell in love with […]

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