Bowl of Sherbert

We like to keep the rack at the front door looking as happy and up to date as possible. The ladies that work at Kiskadee are so good at making sure it looks nice. Right […]

What’s in a Name?

Last month I went to the gift show in Atlanta. As I walked through a section called “Temporaries,” I noticed a bright, colorful, and happy looking booth. I couldn’t resist. The shoes in […]

Our Top Picks for the Week of February 22, 2021

This week’s top picks are all the things we love for life, our homes, our closets, and more! First up, we have Elizabeth’s top pick which is the bootie of our dreams – […]

My Current Favorite Thing

I’m a huge fan of cute pajamas. I’m just not an oversized t-shirt kind of girl. I like my pajamas to coordinate and be fun. Enter PJ Salvage. I have loved this line […]

New Line Alert: Cleobella

When I travel, whether it be for work or fun, I love to check out local boutiques. It’s nice to see what stores similar to mine carry and how they merchandise things. Even […]

Our Top Picks for the Week of February 15, 2021

If we are taking any lessons from this past Valentine’s Day weekend, it’s a reminder to give ourselves the same love we give others. So, why not show yourself a little extra love […]

Shop Local This Valentine’s Day with Debra Fabian Jewelry Design at Kiskadee

There are many reasons why I was drawn to Kiskadee as a customer before I became an employee last year. When I walked into the shop, I felt at home. Perhaps because our […]

How Splendid It Is!

I have loved Splendid for years, long before I owned Kiskadee. They make some of the nicest, softest casual wear out there. It’s definitely one of my favorite brands. I am so excited […]

Our Top Picks for the Week of February 08, 2021

This week, we are rounding up our favorite picks that we know you’ll love as much as we do. With Valentine’s Day weekend nearly upon us, treat yourself or ~someone special~ to this […]

Will You Be Our Galentine?

I know some people poo poo Valentine’s Day as a made-up holiday by Hallmark for the sake of selling more cards. Honestly, though, I love it. I love all holidays, big or small, […]

New Line Alert: Keva Style

As I mentioned in a recent article, I traveled to Atlanta to take a look at the gift show there. I work with a lovely rep on a few lines we carry, including […]

Our Top Picks for the Week of February 01, 2021

From skincare solutions to slippers that make you feel as if you’re walking on a cloud, we can’t wait to share this week’s top picks with you. First up, we have a cult-favorite […]

Mini “Warehouse” Sale!

Last year we opted not to do the Warehouse Sale. At the time, it was a good decision for us. Given the amount of inventory we have left this year due to COVID, […]

I Came, I Saw, I Conquered

Since Covid arrived, most shows have been canceled. We’ve always gone to NY Now, the gift show in New York City. This show occurs in February and August. Without these shows, I’ve supplemented our […]

Our Top Picks for the Week of January 25, 2021

It’s a brand new week, and we are sharing our roundup of the items we can’t get enough of. Looking for a sweatshirt that doesn’t compromise style or comfort? Look no further than […]

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