Desire to Deepen Your Yoga Practice? Don’t Miss This Rare Opportunity!

Right now, any yoga practitioner can join our fantastic group of teachers in training for one or more of the many fascinating topics we’ll explore. Yes, that’s right, we’re offering you a once […]

Street Style: Dr. Megan + Sara of Mind the Mat

There are some women who have a certain quality about them that feels ageless – and Dr. Megan and Sara VanderGoot are perfect examples of how positive energy and self-care can transform both […]

Let’s Move Outside

On a day like today, one reflects. My husband and I both lost someone on 9/11. One human, a high school friend and another human, a college teammate, were both working on the […]

What Now?

This month, I got to spend two weeks away on a not-so-crowded beach in North Carolina. It was so physically detached, that we were able to pretend we were in different times. While […]

What’s a Woman to Do When Fitness Research Is All About Men?

Have you experienced going Keto or Paleo and feeling great for one week, but feeling terrible the next? Have you lost weight one week and then gained it the next while staying on […]

You Asked, I Answered!

When I write for Stylebook, I feel like I focus on the topics that interest me the most. So, I took to Instagram and asked for your questions (please follow me at @drmeganbrown […]

Racial Justice: Mind the Mat is All In

Incredible changes are happening in the world and at Mind the Mat we are committed to being an active part of the change. Whether it relates to racial justice and Black Lives Matter, LBGTQ […]

What is the Perfect Workout?

Well, I’m a bit biased of course, but when equipment access is limited, the method with the least number of barriers but the highest amount of benefits sounds pretty perfect to me. Enter […]

Make Your Mat A Special Space: Design Tips & Signature Items

My friend, Regan Ruiz, owner of Atmosphere | Home, a décor and lifestyle brand, recently said something to me that made me stop. I was asking her for some tips on creating a space to practice yoga […]

There is Only One Word

There is one word. One word that describes the feeling I get teaching so many amazing people at Mind the Mat. This word was the thing I longed for as a child. Even […]

A Special Mother’s Day Wellness Workshop + Mother’s Day Deals!

At Mind the Mat we love our mamas: Use promo code MAMAMIA at check-out to receive a 15 percent discount on registration for any of the Mind the Mat workshops mentioned in this article […]

Writing a Memoir in Quarantine

The silver lining of quarantine for me has been that it’s given me more time to read and write. I received my MA in Creative Writing from Johns Hopkins University almost twenty years ago with […]

Mother’s Day Boutique Box

I have said it many times, but one of the many great rewards of having a store is the friendships I have formed with other store owners. There is a common bond with most small […]

Yoga Tools You Can Use Right Now!

As I sat on my front porch steps last Monday after a torrential downpour, I reflected on my horrible day. On top of everything going on, the Hot Studio in Del Ray had […]

Keep the Ship in the Channel

On March 14th, 2020, before the social distancing orders, we went out to dinner with friends for the last time. That night I couldn’t sleep. I had a gut feeling that gnawed at […]

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