Staging 101

It seems obvious that when you put your house on the market, you want to make sure it looks and shows the best it possibly can. In today’s world, the way your home […]

Summer Maintenance Checklist

Sweet summertime! More daylight to play in and more reasons to open a bottle of rosé on a weeknight! It is officially summer, and we want to make sure it stays “sweet” for you […]

Where to Dine Outdoors

If you are at all like me, you welcomed Phase Two with open arms! After months of not eating or shopping at my favorite places, I was ready to get out and enjoy […]

Support our Local Black-owned Businesses

We love Alexandria for the people and the community these people create. We love how a familiar face is never far, and how new faces become familiar quickly. Honestly, we are so spoiled […]

Top 5 Home “Wish-list” Items Post Quarantine

Over these last few months, we have spent more time in our houses than ever before. The value of our home as both a safe refuge but also as a treat has never […]

White Glove Service

At The Patterson Group we believe luxury is not a price point, but rather a level of service. We adhere to a strict level of professionalism and client care regardless of the value […]

My Obsession with Go Clean Co

I never thought cleaning was my “thing.” Don’t get me wrong, I like a clean house, but my busy schedule has never allowed me to get knee-deep in cleaning my own home…Well, thanks […]

How To Celebrate Memorial Day in Quarantine

Our Memorial Day will look a little different this year, and although we will miss being out with friends on the boat or at a backyard BBQ; quarantine presents an awesome time for […]

Front Porch Sessions with Sarah Marcella

Quarantine has brought about every single one of my emotions – I have laughed, I have cried, I’ve worried, I’ve over-thought, I’ve been pushed to my limit, but I have also been very […]

A Margarita Map for Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo Alexandria Stylebook readers! Although we won’t be celebrating at our favorite local spots this year, we can still enjoy their awesome food and drinks through curbside pickup and delivery. […]

Restoring an Old Dresser with the Help of Boxwood

I don’t sit still. It’s virtually impossible for me to sit around watching TV for more than an hour. So, this whole stay at home order was initially very shocking for me. There was […]

Hey Britt, How’s the Market?

The coronavirus is on the forefront of everyone’s mind, it has shifted the way we live our everyday life. There is so much unknown at this time – we wanted to share the […]

Survival Guide from a Cooped-Up Extrovert

I must admit I set out to write this article on Monday March 30 – the day Governor Northam announced we’d likely be spending another 70 days inside our homes. Until 3/30 I had […]

Light in Dark Times

In these difficult and unsettling times, it can become easy to focus on the negative. No one enjoys being cooped up inside for days, not being able to see family or friends. However, […]

Spring2ACTion 2020

This week has been officially declared the week of Virginia is for Restaurant Lovers Takeout Week. We are loving all of these takeout and curbside options from our favorite local eateries. We are […]

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