Happy “Pants” Giving!

Back in August I posted an article about the blue Oxford shirt. That piece received more feedback than most any of my other pieces. Everyone was either on the hunt for a blue […]

The Failures of My Success

What have you failed at lately? This question came across my radar as one to pose to your children in order to take the fear out of trying new things. As a society, […]
Style Non Skinny Jeans

Back to Basics (aka Remembering How To Style Non-Skinny Jeans)

Last weekend I started phase two of my own closet turnover. Phase one was the end of August where I established a transition wardrobe by pulling out everything that was so obviously summer. […]
Color Stories + School Spirit

Color Stories: Fall, Friendship + School Spirit

Color stories are a great way to start pulling ideas together for fall. Thinking of your events and what you will be attending also helps you establish some guidelines that will keep you […]

Paradise Lost? Never!

Summer is my season. I like dressing in lighter clothing and eating lighter meals. Getting to travel to great destinations becomes an opportunity to explore new horizons and even incorporate those cultures into […]

Live in the (Style) Present, Prepare for the (Style) Future

When I started working in retail, I discovered I had an uncanny ability for visual recall. I wasn’t always great with names but faces and clothing became finely ingrained in my memory. This […]

Apple & Tree: Mothers & Daughters

I have this little saying that I wrote to my daughter one time when I tagged her on Instagram: “Apple & Tree…Sun, Sand and Sea.” It was a simple way to share my love […]

My Refrigerator Is a Disaster

My refrigerator is a disaster. On the surface (aka front row of every shelf), all looks fine. The items we use the most are easy to get to and the revolutions of daily […]

Does Your Wardrobe Really Suit Your Real Life?

Over the course of writing for Alexandria Stylebook, I have hopefully introduced some techniques that help with your wardrobe. There are so many things to remember…budgeting, changing styles, flattering silhouettes for body shapes, […]

Pollock + Salvador: A Match Made in Stylist Heaven

Flashdance sweatshirts, cut-off denim shorts, embroidered jeans and jackets…even distressing in general all started as DIY projects before ever becoming products you could purchase. I know this since I have executed each of […]

Half Time: The New 50

People always say the only two sure things in life are death and taxes. I think that phrase needs an update. The other certainty is aging. There is no way to avoid waking […]

Golden Globes: The Best, Worst, and What We’d Wear in Real Life

Two are among the region’s most renowned stylists, and one is a self-professed awards show junkie known to throw an amazing Oscar party, and they all love (and maybe obsess over) the red […]

Lessons Actually: Gleaning Some Wisdom from 2016

How many of you would count your favorite holiday movie as “Love Actually”? It’s a perfect cocktail of melancholy, humor, and love for downtime during Christmas. Which is why I chose it as […]

Made in the Shade: Navigating Color this Season

  I had a mani-pedi the other day and chose one of the darkest hues for my toes. The nail technician looked a bit surprised and responded, “Going dark. I haven’t had any […]

Island Girl

The fact that summer is my favorite season may have something to do with being a summer baby. My birthday is in a little over a week and it’s one of those that […]

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