Color Stories + School Spirit

Color Stories: Fall, Friendship + School Spirit

Color stories are a great way to start pulling ideas together for fall. Thinking of your events and what you will be attending also helps you establish some guidelines that will keep you […]

Paradise Lost? Never!

Summer is my season. I like dressing in lighter clothing and eating lighter meals. Getting to travel to great destinations becomes an opportunity to explore new horizons and even incorporate those cultures into […]

Live in the (Style) Present, Prepare for the (Style) Future

When I started working in retail, I discovered I had an uncanny ability for visual recall. I wasn’t always great with names but faces and clothing became finely ingrained in my memory. This […]

Apple & Tree: Mothers & Daughters

I have this little saying that I wrote to my daughter one time when I tagged her on Instagram: “Apple & Tree…Sun, Sand and Sea.” It was a simple way to share my love […]

My Refrigerator Is a Disaster

My refrigerator is a disaster. On the surface (aka front row of every shelf), all looks fine. The items we use the most are easy to get to and the revolutions of daily […]

Does Your Wardrobe Really Suit Your Real Life?

Over the course of writing for Alexandria Stylebook, I have hopefully introduced some techniques that help with your wardrobe. There are so many things to remember…budgeting, changing styles, flattering silhouettes for body shapes, […]

Pollock + Salvador: A Match Made in Stylist Heaven

Flashdance sweatshirts, cut-off denim shorts, embroidered jeans and jackets…even distressing in general all started as DIY projects before ever becoming products you could purchase. I know this since I have executed each of […]

Half Time: The New 50

People always say the only two sure things in life are death and taxes. I think that phrase needs an update. The other certainty is aging. There is no way to avoid waking […]

Golden Globes: The Best, Worst, and What We’d Wear in Real Life

Two are among the region’s most renowned stylists, and one is a self-professed awards show junkie known to throw an amazing Oscar party, and they all love (and maybe obsess over) the red […]

Lessons Actually: Gleaning Some Wisdom from 2016

How many of you would count your favorite holiday movie as “Love Actually”? It’s a perfect cocktail of melancholy, humor, and love for downtime during Christmas. Which is why I chose it as […]

Made in the Shade: Navigating Color this Season

  I had a mani-pedi the other day and chose one of the darkest hues for my toes. The nail technician looked a bit surprised and responded, “Going dark. I haven’t had any […]

Island Girl

The fact that summer is my favorite season may have something to do with being a summer baby. My birthday is in a little over a week and it’s one of those that […]

The Secret to Success? Knowing When To Outsource

My summer jobs during high school and college were poolside as a lifeguard.  The attire was pretty basic — a one piece swimsuit, the almighty sweatshirt emblazoned with “LIFEGUARD”, and a lanyard with […]

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