Take Me Out To The Ballgame!

I am so excited to be writing this article. It’s no secret to my customers and employees that I am a huge National’s fan. My bobblehead collection sits nicely above the register (I get asked all the time if they are for sale, and it’s a resounding no). Opening Day last year was going to be so exciting after winning the world series. I ordered fun baseball themed earrings and hair ties for the store and was going to write this article about game style, then bam – Covid. Going to a baseball game was the thing I missed the most when the pandemic first hit.

I’ve talked about it many times before, but I love any chance to theme dress or dress up, etc. There is no exception for a baseball game. I’ve never understood the woman who wears 4″ heels (yes, I’ve seen that) but, I always like to try and look cute, even for a baseball game. When it comes to getting dressed to attend any sporting event, two things are a must: comfort and function. There are also different ways to dress based on the season. Baseball spans three seasons, so some games are cold (we had to buy a National’s blanket at a game once), some are cool, and many are hot! We have season tickets, so I’m super excited to have a few games to go to this month. I thought I would share some style ideas and tricks.

With baseball starting in the spring, a lot of the early games can be on the cooler side. For these games, I usually wear a long sleeve National’s shirt and pair it with some denim capris and cute sneakers. I always wear dark bottoms. I have two kids, and it’s almost inevitable they will spill either nacho cheese or ketchup on me. If it’s a night game, I also make sure to bring a light jacket. Also, make sure to wear a hat for additional sun protection. I like a baseball cap, but if that isn’t your thing, a cute straw hat will do the trick. In the fall, I usually go with a similar outfit, except now I have a “Fight Finished” sweatshirt. Boom!


As for summer, I wear a dress. Yes… a dress. I look horrendous in shorts, and nothing is more comfortable to me than a light cotton dress. Jean shorts are also a good go-to so long as they aren’t white. White clothes and baseball games don’t mix… especially for me. I always end up with something on my clothes. I usually just wear a basic pair of sandals. I try to go with rubber, patent, or faux leather so that they can easily be wiped off if lemonade spills on them. Yes – It’s happened.


As for other tips, I always wear a crossbody bag or a backpack. It makes carrying food and drinks back to the seat easy. Make sure it’s an easily cleaned bag. I love my neoprene crossbody bags from Haute Shores, or sometimes, a nylon bag or faux leather bag works too. Don’t wear anything expensive. You’ll regret it… believe me. I tend to wear anything that can easily be wiped down or cleaned. I always accessorize with baseball themed jewelry. I mean, why not? Extra things I keep in my bag are a mini tube of sunscreen, sunscreen stick, and wipes for cotton candy hands. Of course, a lot of hand sanitizer, which I’ve always carried on me.


Play Ball!


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