“The Diamond Bar” at Mystique

Diamond Engagement Rings for Valentine’s Day…

The diamond is in the details. Buying the perfect diamond ring for a big day proposal starts with choosing the right loose diamond. That is because when you buy a loose diamond instead of a diamond already set in a ring, you have much more choice: you can get exactly the shape, size, and quality you want.



To make sure you have everything you need to know about a loose diamond, it is essential to choose a diamond with a grading report from the Gemological Institute of America, known as GIA.



At Mystique, “The Diamond Bar” is an exciting, comfortable experience. Creating your one-of-a-kind ring starts with trying on many rings from our extensive collections of mountings to narrow down your favorite styles. Our diamond experts will help you to understand the difference between the diamonds’ grades and prices.

Whether you’re looking for a diamond or a unique colored stone, “The Diamonds Bar” is a fun way to design your ring at Mystique.



Unique Rings with Personal Details…

In a year full of such uncertainty, couples are taking control of what few details they can as it relates to marriage — and one of those is focusing on personal touches when it comes to engagement rings.



A huge difference we’ve seen is that clients have much more time and space to explore what they want, so they are coming to us with much more personal, thoughtful, and insightful directions and ideas.

People are continually searching for ways to do things differently. Customers are eager to celebrate love by making the ring their own. Rings with secret details — hidden messages of love only you and your partner know about.


Half Moon Shape Accent Diamonds

 Radiant Diamond Ring


The Big Oval With Tiny Diamonds

 Oval Diamond Halo Ring


Adding the Rock Band You Wouldn’t Expect



Long Lengths

Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring


More Gold



The Classic Three Stone with the Finest Details of the Setting to Make it Unique

Platinum 3-Stone Oval Sapphire and Half Moon Diamond Ring



Rock The Bands




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Featuring old world styles, textures in gold, and styles that are rich yet perfect for everyday wear. Mystique Jewelers evolved from that of custom goldsmith shop into a truly sophisticated boutique, featuring the most coveted designers’ lines such as: Jude Frances, Alberto Parada, Jaime Joseph, Lauren K, KC Designs, and Beverly K as well as creating “one of kind” designs that are timeless, heirloom, and classic. Planning on getting engaged? Our diamond experts, master goldsmith, and designers on the premises will assist you in creating a truly remarkable, one-of-a-kind engagement ring. 

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