The Minted Man

By Aaron Podolsky

Most people think that Megan is the shopaholic in the family, but I have some news… truth be told, Megan and I have been shopaholics together for years. It all started on a tipsy shopping trip in Miami circa early 2000, where we may have purchased multiple pairs of designer shoes between the two of us after throwing down terrible frozen concoctions. I wanted to blame the drinks, but really, we just love shopping together.

Throughout our 17-year (but I like to think we still act and look like we’re in our honeymoon phase 😉 ) marriage, we have shared a passion for men’s and women’s fashion. I mostly blame my mom for this, as she dragged me shopping with her all of the time as a young boy, and now, here we are doing the same with our three boys. It must run in the genes, right?

Admittedly, all kidding aside, I really do enjoy good-quality clothing and accessories as much as my wife does. The difference has always been, when Megan makes purchases, she also purges a few things out of her closet. She has always taken these gently (and I mean gently) used items to Mint Condition. For years, she would brag about the large checks she would pick up, and I would think to myself… why can’t I do this too? Instead, I would do a closet clean-out seasonally and drop huge bags of equally as gently used items to my very lucky brothers-in-law. They would pick through Vineyard Vines, Bonobos, Lululemon, high-end denim… you get the picture. These pieces would help my then 20-something bros elevate their wardrobe. And although I love helping a brother out, it would have been nice to pick up a “large check” from Mint Condition.

Fast forward a lot of years, and now Megan owns Mint Condition with my fabulous sis-in-law, Katie. Voila! This might be my chance. I did not want to bombard these two consignment queens in their first year, as they had a ton on their plates, but now that they are in year two, I thought it was time to make my move!

I did my normal “seasonal clean-out,” and instead of dropping it off at the brothers, I decided to take it to Mint. Just try it, I told them. What’s the worst that can happen? Your hubby will get what doesn’t sell, Katie?!

Well, the worst didn’t happen, and instead, my dream came true. I picked up a large check at Mint Condition, and just like that, I influenced the consignment queens to start The Minted Man!



Now men from all over the DMV can consign their gently used clothing and accessories. As more of us are working from home and not wearing the traditional suit to work every day, our casual attire is building up. Don’t worry! That’s what sells. Think Lululemon everything, Vineyard Vines Shep Shirts, long sleeve tees and chinos, Buck Mason Henleys, Gucci slides, LV belts…



In addition to men’s attire, the sisters are now accepting high-end and hard-to-find sneakers – Jordan One’s, Yeezy’s, etc. Yes sneaker heads, you heard that right – you now have a local place to buy and sell your rare sneaks!



Appointments can be made online at and please keep it seasonal. Help me continue to keep my men’s consignment dreams alive!


  • The latest from Megan
Megan’s career in retail/merchandising began in the mid nineties standing in front of a woodsy smelling Abercrombie and Fitch. Sporting an oversized plaid flannel and bootcut jeans she said hello to every customer that eagerly walked in to the popular retailer. Little did Megan know that, while creating a perfect “denim wall”and dressing in all of the latest fashion that the lifestyle brand offered she was building the foundation for her fun and exciting career! After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh, Megan managed multiple A&F stores before she moved on to an assistant buyer position in contemporary dresses at the local Arlington based retailer Hecht’s (now Macy’s). She gained an immeasurable amount of knowledge before moving onto a different facet of the business at Calvin Klein Jeans. Megan worked her way from retail coordinator to East-Coast regional manager helping to create the Calvin Klein aesthetic in department stores from Boston to Miami. After her first son Ethan was born, her position at CKJ was eliminated, due to the harsh economic conditions at the time. This is how 529 was born! Megan quickly began to see how fast Ethan was growing out of his clothing. She knew other moms had the same amount of adorable “gently-worn” clothing piling up. Combining her love of retail and her obsession with dressing Ethan gave her the idea to try and sell this clothing. 529 became a popular “pop-up” shop in the Alexandria area and once the following was big enough, a brick and mortar store in historic Old Town. 529 Kids Consign exemplifies who Megan is and what she has learned throughout her career. It’s a warm, well-organized, well- edited boutique that attracts moms from all over the DC metro area. On any given visit to the store you may be greeted by three boys dressed to the nines..they too have the passion.

We are an upscale children's and maternity consignment boutique specializing in the latest trends. Quality is important to us, which is why we are particular about our brands. Offering not only consignment items but also the freshest and most trendy must haves for hip moms and cool kids makes us the place to shop!

529 Kids Consign
122A South Royal Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

Monday – Saturday: 10am – 5pm
Sunday: 12pm – 5pm

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