The September Reset

Even though I graduated decades ago (crazy), and even before I had kids, back-to-school season has always felt like the real “new year.” More than January, September, for me, has been the time to get excited about and focus on new beginnings…and not just because we are so close to breaking out fall clothes (my favorite). So while summer has been super fun — rosé all day, popsicles at the pool, super-slack schedules — that’s come to a screeching halt with Labor Day upon us. It’s time to embrace routine and reset regular life.

So as we do in some form or fashion each year at Stylebook this time of year, we seek guidance from our in-house fitness and wellness pros to find the best ways to settle back into a healthier lifestyle. And since misery loves company — I mean, since science shows that accountability is key to creating new habits — I’ve enlisted the help of two other Stylebook contributors, Elizabeth from The Hive and The Shoe Hive, and Amy from Red Barn Mercantile and Penny Post, to join me in what we are calling The September Reset.

The three of us, while each a busy mom who works and volunteers and manages busy family schedules, actually had pretty (read: very) different motivations and wellness goals, and this is where it got both fun and challenging for me as editor. Across several emails in August, Elizabeth, Amy, and I each articulated where we think we need help, what stumbling blocks might be in our way, and ultimately what we hope to achieve.

These responses were deeply personal, as you can imagine, so I’m not going to share specifics, but in general they ranged from concerns about long-term health due to genetics/family history to feeling less-than-confident in certain fitness settings, from injury prevention to getting much more serious about nutrition, from major sleep issues to overall stress management, and yes, toning up and losing some weight. Interestingly, though, those were never mentioned first; they were more a hoped-for byproduct.

Happily, our fitness experts are really that: experts. Not only do they have extensive training and credentials, they are truly gifted instructors who are passionate about helping others. Kat at Ascend, Megan and Sara at Mind the Mat, and Adrien and Heather at Fitness on the Run each instantly had great ideas and approaches for each of our wellness goals. My job was to figure out who to pair with whom. And it was not easy, their solutions were so compelling. I considered having each of us work out at all three studios because a) that would be awesome and fun and b) it is pretty normal to enjoy a variety of workouts in various settings, right? Of course.

But then I reconsidered and here’s why: I want you, our readers, to see our progress — progress that comes as a result of following a thoughtful, considered plan. This is how to affect meaningful change: intentionally and with clear purpose. This series will give you a first-hand look at that process, every step (and stretch and spin) of the way. In coming posts, Adrien and Heather, Sara and Megan, and Kat will be writing about our specific goals and why they devised each of our particular plans. Then, throughout the month, Elizabeth, Amy, and I will each provide progress reports.

So while your own personal plan would most certainly vary (although it’s likely that some aspect of your wellness goals align with one of ours), it is our hope that our endeavor serves as inspiration to kick off your own The September Reset. In fact, if you’d care to join us, our fitness partners are offering September Reset specials to Stylebook readers:


To join Elizabeth at Mind the Mat:

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Stayed tuned for how to join Amy at Fitness on the Run and me at Ascend Cycle.


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