The Snowball Effect

Over the last few years, we’ve experienced a sort of snowball effect at Bellacara. Once upon a time, it was decided that because so many people come in to buy gifts — housewarming, birthday, holiday, just-because — we should have cards to accompany them.

Tokyo Milk Follow Dreams Card copy

We brought on beautiful, hand-screened occasion cards from Tokyo Milk. As time went on, the cards became more than that. We are often people’s last stop on the way to a party — so why not stock some party goodies?


In store right now, we have adorable party hats, pretty confetti-filled balloons, hilarious birthday candles, and even some darling dress-up pieces that couldn’t be more perfect for children’s parties. We are truly a one-stop for many a happy occasion. And if you’re a traditionalist who prefers to give a gift card when doing some last-minute gifting? We’ve got you covered there, too.

(Cards and decorations range from $5-$18)

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  1. Jaime S says:

    Your cards are fabulous!!!!

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