the sylvia suede jacket (and how to care for suede)

It’s no secret that suede is a fashion-favorite. The term comes from the French “gants de Suède,” literally “gloves from Sweden,” as it was originally used for women’s gloves. And while we used to see suede only during the colder months, luckily for us it has now become a year-round closet staple.

Today suede is used for all kinds of garments, from shoes to purses to vests—you name it. In addition to being a beautiful fabric aesthetically, its versatility is unparalleled. It can be worn indoors or out, and as a natural fabric, suede breathes, so there is no fear of over-heating.


The Sylvia suede jacket from Finley is hands-down one of our favorite pieces. The go-with-everything chocolate brown color is to die for, great with any color pant. It can function as an outer-layer jacket or, even better, as the focal point of an outfit worn indoors. The tie waist cinches you in at your smallest part, creating a perfectly slender frame.


But like anything so special, remember suede requires a bit more tender loving care than other fabrics. Here are some tips to keep it looking luxe:

– Use a suede brush, gently, in the direction of the grain so as not to tear or otherwise damage the suede. First use the rubber side to buff the suede, then the wire-bristle to brush off any debris. The brush will also remove scuffmarks. (Pro tip: A clean toothbrush and clean, colorless pencil eraser can also be used.)

– If any mud or dirt collects (e.g., on shoes), wait for the mud to dry before gently brushing it off.

– If the rubber brush doesn’t remove a stain, carefully rub a towel damp with some white vinegar. In the case of tougher stains, allow the suede to dry thoroughly before re-applying vinegar.

– Invest in suede protector spray. This protects your suede from water or anything else that could potentially damage it— spraying once or twice a year should be all you need.

– Avoid wearing your suede in any weather conditions that could prove problematic, such as heavy rain or snowy weather.

– Store your suede properly! Closets at room temperature are ideal, and if storing suede shoes, wrap in white sheets. Avoid newspaper, as the ink could transfer to the suede.

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