The Ultimate Scarf

We love to be outside these days especially with the right protection. I am passionate about enjoying the outdoors and the activities we are so blessed to enjoy. When just in Colorado, my dear friend and our ranch manager’s wife, Mindy, gave me the ultimate scarf from her business Sundara. I pretty much never took it off the entire time I was there!



This scarf gives us protection when we are doing what we love and it’s perfect for both men and women. She originally designed the Sundara scarf to serve as protection for the neck and décolletage area; uses have grown to head protection, dust control, and now facial coverings. Instead of a mask that you can’t wait to take off, it can remain tied at the neck as a scarf with a nice drape and will still protect your skin from the sun.




The scarves are sewn in Wray, Colorado by a wonderful elderly woman who had recently begun her business when Mindy found her (she lives in her hometown and she loves supporting her.) They are made of a bamboo/polyester/charcoal blend and have a sleek easy-tie shape. It really is an all-weather protection scarf. Many skiers in Colorado wear them under their ski equipment as they are soft against the skin and protects against the cold. In all seasons, her customers are ranchers, gardeners, bikers, hikers, runners, boaters, skiers, and anyone who loves to be outside. The infrared protection is 25 UPF, they are easy to wash in hot or cold (throw them in with any laundry), anti-pilling, and the bamboo fabric is anti-microbial. The simple bamboo charcoal fibers absorb infrared radiation, then disperse it to increase cellular energy and also accelerates circulation and improves metabolism. It’s amazing fabric and feels great on your skin. Stay radiant with Sundara! I absolutely love these scarfs and I am excited to have them at TSALT and support another woman-owned small business.




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