7 Looks That Demystify the Wide Leg Pant

Once again, we meet a trend that may feel a bit “too soon?”

Enter the WIDE LEG PANT! OK, first things first, let’s set the record straight…We are not referring to them as gauchos or palazzo pants. Culottes, yes, from time to time. But let’s just stick with Wide Leg Pant!


A little more than two years ago, when we started to see this trend reemerge, I thought, no-way, these pants are too specific — they couldn’t make it mainstream. I was sitting in the backroom of Kiskadee with Megan and Kathy and we came upon pages upon pages of “wide leg pants!” in the Anthropologie catalog.

OK, yes, I was saying, “Oh my, look at all of these culottes! Who is going to wear these?!” Megan and Kathy teased me that since I had just taken the job at Anthropologie, that this is all I’d be wearing.

The fabrics were chino-like, too thick, and the structure of the pant was too rigid for my already thick and structured hips and thighs! I thought, this is best left for the straight and narrow girls who have that vintage vibe about them. So there I left it.

Fast forward to February and we had all sorts of wide leg pants flying into TSALT — silky ones, patterned ones, adorned with pom-poms, some with embroidery, dressy, casual… I mean I was shocked. Every kind! The list goes on and on!

But! There was a major difference. The materials were light and fluid; they just flow and drape so beautifully, you (kind of) forget what’s underneath.  They create this effortless, chic feel.

Sound kinda like a palazzo pant? Not quite. Culottes are hitting just above the ankle, rather than full length. They also have much less volume around the width of the pant. Palazzo pants would be pleated and go on for days! We want less volume on our bottom, so why put too much fabric down there!


Most women I style mention shoes. So who better than to team up with than The Shoe Hive to bring you a styling guide for Wide Leg Pants that includes shoes! We will touch on the body types best for each look. Let me know if I didn’t cover a specific body type/style, and I’ll be sure to address it!


Look 1

Black Pom Pom Pants by Figue, $475 | Striped Tee by Sunday, $112 | Rope Necklace by Tryb, $75

Body Type: Almost anyone can wear this. These wide leg pants are thick enough to cover imperfections, but also drape beautifully to enhance that sassy strut. Because let’s face it, you can’t help but strut it in these pants with the fun pompom detail at the bottom!

Shoe: Access by Stuart Weitzman in Black, $398


Look 2

Tryb Top, $258 | Navy Pharaoh Culottes, $332 | G. Spinelli Agate Long Necklace, $175

Body Type: This look is great for someone with a larger chest and smaller hips/booty. The pleating in the pants creates a little more volume without adding poundage. These Japanese Cupro pants are SO luxurious. You’ll have to come check them out in person.

Shoe: Lee by Dee Keller, $365


Look 3

White Culottes by APIECE APART, $380 | Alice + Oliva OTS top, $250

Body Type: Talk about a summertime outfit! Who said you can’t wear pants around here in the summer? This is great for someone with hips and no chest. The ruffle helps create the illusion and the structure of the pants skim right over your curves.

Shoe: Lee by Dee Keller, $365


Look 4

Pharaoh Navy Tank, $238 | Striped Embroidered Pants by Figue, $695 | Frame Denim Jacket, $549 | The Stowe Semi Circle Bag, $468

Body Type: Oh, that luxurious Japanese Cupro I was just talking about? Yes, it also comes in a tank! Shown here, this outfit is on fire! For the sassy girl feeling bold. Complete with embroidery, print, and pom-poms, because sometimes, just one is not enough. This look is best on someone who is petite with a straighter or athletic frame. The jacket and pants create nice lines that actually elongate the silhouette.

Shoe: Lee by Dee Keller, $365


Look 5

Alice + Olivia Jumpsuit, $350 | G. Spinelli Choker, $60 | Dannijo Black Amber Pendant, $88 | Zipper Black Bracelet by Jillery, $70 | The Stowe Backpack, $355

Body Type: Loving the jumpsuit look but feeling like you have a shorter torso? This is the one for you. Or if you are petite, this is your answer to the jumpsuit! Easily transitional between dressy and casual, we styled it for those everyday adventures. This on-the-go look is one of my personal favorites. But beware: if you have any booty, you will size up.

Shoe: Warren by Vince in Plaster, $225


Look 6

Marrakesh Chambray Pants, $198 | Feel the Piece White V-Neck T-shirt, $80 | Coral and Blue A Piece Treaty Scarf, $225

Body Type: We were channeling our inner Parisian with this one. Great for almost any body type, but again, an especially great option for someone curvy. The weight of this pant is perfect to caress your curves, and the v-neck tee by Feel the Piece is such an easy staple (and it feels sooo good!)

Shoe: Warren by Vince in Plaster, $225


Look 7

Avenue Montaigne Alex Pant in Cream, $240 | Elizabeth & James Chambray Wrap Top, $275 | Lime Green Fairchild Baldwin Necklace, $395

Body Type: When this Elizabeth & James top came in, I was in awe. It is absolutely perfect for someone with narrow shoulders and a chest. These pants by Avenue Montaigne work for almost every body type, but in this particular look they are styled for someone with a flat tummy. Come in a discover these pants, which are available in a variety of styles and colors. They will change your life!

Shoe: Wyatt by Rag and Bone, $495


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