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When I was a teenager, I would putter around Barnes & Noble with my friends after school, toting a White Chocolate Mocha from the Starbucks kiosk and pretending to seriously consider purchasing the copy of The Bell Jar tucked showily under my arm. If we’re being honest, I would inevitably settle down in one of the few cozy chairs next to the magazine section and flip open the copy of Cosmo that I’d never in a million years have had the courage to bring home where my mother might find it. I was mostly in it for the embarrassing stories and the quizzes in the back, though, with a dash of my horoscope thrown in for good measure. (I mean, when they told me I’d meet a tall, dark, and handsome man who would sweep me off my feet, I’ll admit I thought the stars would have pushed that through a lot sooner than the ten years until I met Brandon.)

The fun of quizzes like that stuck with me — I’m a sucker for those things. Yes, I know what my lipstick color says about me: “I’m a makeup artist and wearing this lipstick is part of my job and also fun.” I know what my shoes say about me: “I am a retail manager, so flats make good sense for my life, and The Shoe Hive keeps me stocked on Bucketfeet.” I know what quality my friends like most about me: “I’ll tell you when you’re being stupid, but I’ve still got your back 185 percent. Ride or die.”

But I do also think fun, goofy quizzes can tell us valuable information, provided we stop trying to read between the lines of the questions and just answer honestly. So here: take my [super-duper scientific] quiz. You may even learn a little.

The Bellacara Skin Type Quiz

It’s Saturday morning, and you have nowhere to be. When you finally make your way into the bathroom to get ready for a Netflix Criminal Minds marathon and possible brunch, what do you notice about your skin?

A.) Nothing. Am I supposed to notice something?

B.) I look pretty good. Nice and dewy.

C.) I’m not in a rush to cleanse. I like the way my night cream lingers in the morning.

Welcome, June 1! We’re happy to see you. But it’s makeup evaluation time…

A.) Eh, I guess it’s as good a time as any to switch to a tinted moisturizer.

B.) Oh, goodness, foundation in the summer makes my skin crawl. Setting powder, maybe?

C.) Wait, do I have to change my liquid foundation? I feel like it’s finally working for me.

It’s about time for the 3pm slump at work on Tuesday. How do you treat yo’self?

A.) I wander over to Misha’s for caffeine. Maybe reapply my lipstick.

B.) I take my bag to the bathroom — powder my “glow,” do my lips, touch up my under eye mascara smudges. The usual.

C.) I get my rosewater mist from my desk drawer and open another water bottle — can’t stay too hydrated!

You’re out with your girlfriends, and there are many pictures being taken. What’s the first thing you notice about yourself in all of them?

A.) My winning smile, obviously.

B.) My overall highlight. Even though it was only supposed to be on my cheekbones….

C.) This matte look…I’m not mad at it. I wish I had B’s dewy cheekbones, though. My skin seems to eat my liquid highlighter.

It’s the end of the day, and you’re ready for bed. How does your face feel immediately after you cleanse it?

A.) Pretty decent. I’m ready for my moisturizer, for sure.

B.) Not bad. I’ll let it air dry a little while I brush my teeth before I put on my cream.

C.) I can hardly wait to put my lotions and potions on!

If you chose mostly A, it sounds like you’ve got a normal skin type. Lucky you! You rarely have to blot, and you’ve never been one to shy away from oils. Maintain the balance of your skin by staying internally hydrated, and come change of season, try using a hydration serum if you feel your skin tightening up a little.

If you chose mostly B, it sounds like you’ve got an oily skin type. You’re in good company — I have one, too. As skin ages, it gets steadily more dry, so you’re in good shape…20 years from now. It might be prudent to look into an oil control moisturizer or mattifying primer in the meantime. 

If you chose mostly C, it sounds like you’ve got a dry skin type. Thankfully, the selection of face oils and hydrating masks has never been greater. Your skin may thank you if you make a switch to a cream cleanser and add an oil or two to your daily regimen. Oh, and good call on that rosewater mist in question three.

If you chose a variety of options and ended up with a tie, it sounds like you may have a combination skin type. This is actually what I’d argue to be the most “normal” type, though more and more it seems people use “combination” as a euphemism for “oily.” These are not the same! You can be combination/dry, combination/oily, or even normal/combination, each meaning exactly what you’d expect from the terms. Never fear! There are regimens even for you, combo friends, though they may need a little more thought than we can provide in a post-quiz blurb.

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