This Season’s Hottest Trends

Trend alert! This season is kicking off with some very inspirational hairstyles – from money piece highlights to curtain bangs, middle parts, and blunt bobs! Today, we will go through each style, and maybe these looks can help spice up your quarantined hair.

The money piece has been around for years but has seen a resurgence in popularity lately. This look is great for blondes or brunettes with heavy highlights that frame the face and start where your hair parts. Whether it be a middle part or a side part, we’re fans of this style for the warm weather ahead.



Next on the list is the Generation Z inspired middle part. This has become a hot topic in many salons with the rumor going around that Gen Z’ers all say, “the side part is dead.” Trends come and go, but middle parts do not work for every person’s face shape. A middle part is meant to draw attention to your face and accentuate your features, so if you have an elongated face or a square shaped face, there might be better alternatives. If you have a rounder, oval shape, or diamond shape face, a middle part can be refreshing – but, before we let the younger generation dictate our everyday looks, be sure that it is something that works for you, and consult your stylist if you have any questions.


Photo credit: Harper’s Bazaar
Photo credit: Forbes 


Both curtain bangs and blunt bobs have been highlighted in our previous posts. In fact, these looks have been so on-trend lately that they are still going strong. Either the classic blunt bob or the blunt bob with a little texture are both gorgeous looks and lately have been accompanied by curtain bangs. Depending on the texture of your hair and personal style, these cuts can be versatile, ranging in length from the chin to the bottom of your neck.


We hope that these ideas help with some inspiration if you’re looking to freshen up your hair. Remember, life is too short, so make every hair flip fabulous!




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