“This year I would like to…”

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, 2020 was a doozy. And while we know we’re not quite out of the woods yet, the hope that a vaccine (and just the change of the year) brings is brighter than a dumpster fire. We had a tough year, and some had it harder than others, but one of the things we all lost last year were plans. I don’t think we really recognized how many plans we actually had until they were all taken away from us – faster than we binged watched Bridgerton.

But, here we are now, looking to the future and actually deciding to go ahead and say out loud the things we are really looking forward to doing in 2021. Here is what we would like to do this year…


Adrien | Alexandria Wellness

In 2021, I will be focused on shrinking my sprint times, increasing my hill climbs, both at a “pace” that works for me, my body, and my lifestyle.

Sixteen years ago I ran my fifth Marine Corps Marathon. As a lifelong runner, that was the penultimate – a marathon. I competed and won a handful of 5Ks and loved the 10K race more than most anything. Yet, due to inefficiencies in the way my body related with the ground below me, everything hurt. My neck, my knees, yet mostly my mind because I was running off my mistakes. I was stuck in a cycle of negative self-talk, peri-menopause denial, a poor body image, and striving for some ideal body and life to which I thought I could literally run to.

Around 2010, I stopped running altogether. I even convinced myself it was bad for me and for my clients at my former gym, Fitness on the Run. Now, at 54 (January 10!) I am stronger than ever, practice my growth mindset throughout my days, and crush stress on its head. I view my training as a process and as practice for physical, mental, and spiritual strength – not a competition. And I run better!

I picked up running again with COVID and couldn’t be happier. I am more focused than ever on how I strike the ground each step, take in the beauty of our neighborhood, and plan to keep it forever a mainstay in my program. Just goes to show you, never give up, never say “never,” and anything is possible.


Ali | ALH Style

This year I would like to seek out inspiration in any way possible. Typically, I’d find so much inspiration while traveling, but who knows when that will feel normal again. Instead, I choose to see the beauty in the things, places, and people I see every day!

Looking forward to fueling 2021 with this in mind. This photo was taken the last time I felt normal on a trip to Charleston in March 2020, one week before the pandemic hit.


Amy | Red Barn Mercantile & Penny Post

This year I would like my son to get into the college of his choice and then safely installed at said college. He’s a sweet boy and has a lot to offer the world. If you see me after we have dropped him off, don’t be surprised if I’m weeping. I know he needs to leave the nest, but I will miss him terribly.


Angela | Bellacara

This year I would like to explore my hobby as a business. I have long loved interior design, furniture, finding deals, and all things decorating. I think beauty really has always been a passion – personal beauty and beauty at home. Over the years, I have loved mixing old and new and was never happier than when I found an amazing deal. This year I want to start a business that does just that, offers old and new beautiful things and at great prices. Not everything in your home should cost a fortune. I love bringing beauty to you through Bellacara and hope to continue that for years to come. Now I want to bring it to you through a home store as well. Stay tuned.


Celeste | Kiskadee

This year I vow to make more time for myself but, in particular, take better care of my body. I’m not talking about diets or losing weight. I’m talking about the mammogram I’ve put off. The checkups with my dermatologist to make sure I don’t have any more pre-melanoma. The urologist to make sure my kidneys are doing ok since I have a congenital defect. I’ve put these appointments off long enough.


Photo Credit: Penny Post Instagram

Elizabeth | The Hive & The Shoe Hive

My biggest goal for 2021 is to get back to writing Thank You notes! My very southern grandmother would turn over in her grave if she knew how much I dropped the ball of writing a proper thank you and teaching my kids to do the same. I used to be so much better, but I have let life get in the way of letting people know how much I appreciate the things they do for me! I need to get to Penny Post and order some fancy personalized stationery!


Katie | Mint Condition & Mint Collective

This year I want to focus on myself! As a mom of two, it gets really hard making and giving myself the time I need. Back to back pregnancies topped with COVID has made it even more important to give myself “me time”… here’s to hoping!


Meaghan | Alx&Co.

This year I would like to start making big decisions again. Last year around July Tim and I felt totally “decisioned-out” with all the adjustments and strategies we had to come up with over the previous few months. We made a final decision to make no other big decisions until spring of this year when hopefully we would have a clearer picture of the many variables floating around in our lives back then. I’m excited to start planning again and feeling like we have a semi-predictable place to start in doing so. Oh, the luxury of thinking you know what tomorrow will bring!


Nicole | Threadleaf

This year I would like to… really flex my green thumb. I’m beginning a Master Gardener course next month and am looking forward to upping my horticulture skills. You can also look out for practical and stylish gardening supplies in store.



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