Tips & Tricks for Taking Care of Your Clothing

I think it’s hard for all of us to believe that we are already heading into the second week of 2020! It was a quick holiday season this year between Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Years. Among many cherished memories and fun-loving times that were made, there were a few other things that were made: as in stains, wrinkles, and pilling on some of our favorite garments. Let’s all agree that our favorite memories aren’t made in our laundry rooms, but here are a few of mine from these last few weeks.

I have to laugh at some of the cleaning adventures I had over the holidays with three kids coming home from college. The first started with my daughter’s “white” boots. After a couple of rounds of “off and on” hot water treatments with OxiClean, they looked amazingly fresh again (see the before and after pics!) By the way, OxiClean is the best jewelry cleaner ever!







Here are some other tricks and tips for cleaning up those unexpected spills or mishaps that will save those fabulous pieces in your wardrobe:

  • • I was distressed the other day when my lipstick smeared on my sweater, but Dawn dish soap cleaned up that greasy red smear (works on all makeup) and my sweater looks fabulous again.



  • • I remember my Grandmother’s tried and true remedy for grease and gravy spills on her tablecloths: a heavy layering of cornstarch. It pulls it right out. And it’s not just for tablecloths!


  • • Seltzer seems to be everyone’s “go to” for wine spills, but hydrogen peroxide works just as well as many of the wine wipes available. I love the wine wipes so much that I tossed one in all of my gift bags this year. They’re perfect tucked into your purse. I also carry a Tide Quick Fix Stick in my purse (and leave one in my car) to immediately address spills before they set in.


  • • Do you sometimes find yourself ready to walk out the door and see deodorant white on your clothes? I hate that! But don’t fret ladies because those little foam covers from nonslip hangers or skirt/pant hangers is the best fix ever. A quick rub and it’s gone…and you’re out the door.



  • • Wrinkles are an issue for everyone. I prefer to steam my clothing rather than drag out the iron and ironing board, especially when all I need is a little touch up. It is at those times when I reach for my small travel iron/steamer. It’s quick, easy, and does the trick.


  • • And finally, those dreaded little balls that accumulate on sweaters make me crazy. There are some great tools for removing pills from your sweaters, but you can also use the scrubber side of a clean kitchen sponge. Who knew?! It’s unbelievable at getting rid of sweater pilling and you can do it while enjoying your favorite Netflix series with the family!


  • • My final cleaning tip would be to clear out any old thoughts and doubts that stop you from being the person you are meant to be. A dear friend of mine recently said to me “the future and happiness is yours for the taking….grab it!” How very true. Happy 2020!


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