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Fabrics and textiles have captivated me since I was young. Traveling and growing up in many parts of the world, I was blessed to be exposed to many different styles and trends and have always been excited to see what is around the next corner. I suppose this upbringing would naturally take one in the direction of design…and in my case, both interior and fashion.

Keeping this in mind, it’s no surprise that I have bolts and bolts of exotic and rare fabrics with which I can’t bear to part in storage. Fortuny is my favorite! On a trip to Italy, my sweet husband waited for hours while I obsessed at the Fortuny museum…only for me to discover a small, hidden store shortly after that was selling vintage stock of their Italian fabrics! I was in awe and couldn’t help myself. Hence: a larger storage space!

2018 Textile Collections and Trends

Fabric shows are always so inspiring. Walking around and seeing bursts of textures and colors is seductive and gets my imagination churning. As you may know, when at market to buy products for a clothing store you are typically buying for the next season. But with fabrics, you are buying for the next full year ahead! So on our latest trip to the Fabric Market in New York City, we were viewing 2018 Textile Collections and Trends.

80s Colors + Graphics

Heading into 2018 we noticed a continued passion for the rebirth of 80s graphics and bright colors. There is an explosion of color mixed into one fabric.

 Here are some swatches of colors that you’ll be seeing on racks soon. These were previewed in February of last year by the fabric companies to clothing and interior designers and manufacturers.

Source: Vogue

Look for more felting and comfort fabrics. We found the crossover of fabrics from the fashion, athletic, and home products very interesting. Neoprene is still everywhere.

Many companies are utilizing digital printing in fascinating new ways, which allows smaller batch production.

Textile Sustainability 

While at market, I attended several incredibly informative seminars with our store manager Sarah about sustainability trends and innovation. I learned that the fashion industry is the second largest polluter on our planet, responsible for an astonishing 20 percent of our water pollution. I was horrified that our quest for design and beauty and the perfect color is in fact “less than ideal” for our environment!

It is exciting that over the past few decades the textile industry has increased awareness and is shifting to fabric sustainability. In fact, it is becoming more the norm to be a sustainable textile manufacturer rather than a polluter! They explained that much like the “farm-to-table” food movement, increasingly consumers want to know where and how their textiles were produced.

TSALT’s Next Step: New “Fresh” Technical Textiles

In that spirit, we connected with two small-run, sustainable textile companies, one of which is based here in Fairfax, Virginia. These companies offer new fabrics that are completely biodegradable and use an all-natural dying process. We also found new “fresh” technical fabrics – these are antimicrobial fabrics, which are sustainable but also stop the growth of bacteria (e.g., the odor associated with worn clothing and intimate garments).

We are excited to move this direction for production of our TSALT line and are pleased to announce we are developing four amazing styles of bodysuits that use “fresh” textiles. Taking this next step with our TSALT Brand, uniting both natural and technical fabrics, will not only make us all look and feel better, but we can help protect our environment at the same time.

INSIDER TIP: If you have a front load high-efficiency washer, the temperature doesn’t typically get as high as the traditional top load and it uses less water to wash.  You need to be sure to clean the rubber seals to prevent bacteria from staying in your washer — and in turn — on your clothing! 

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