Let’s Talk About Hair: The Top 10 Trends for Spring/Summer 2018

A new season brings new hairstyles and trends. For Spring/Summer 2018, it’s time to experiment and try something bold. Free yourself from that which tires you and reinvent yourself! This year is all about self-expression, individuality, and creating a style that matches your new self.

From Fashion Week in New York, Paris, and Milan, we’ve seen wet hair looks, retro hair accessories, and even military precision with a twist of both volume and texture. Yes! It is ALL about volume and texture, but it’s not about hair simply being undone anymore. Rather, it’s about hair being brought back to its natural texture, adding a raw finish instead of the perfect tong wave.

Here are the top 10 trends to try according to Harper’s Bazaar:


1. Nirvana Blonde

If you like adding color to your blonde hair, this is the perfect soft platinum hue.


2. Boyish Bangs

Heavy, thick, texturized bangs to give a fiercer outline to your unique head shape.


3. Bubble Up


Ponytails wrapped in elastic strings tied and wrapped in random sections. The strings create perfectly unkempt bubbled sections along the length of the hair.


4. Wavy Bangs

If you are on the fence about getting bangs, the answer is YES! Try a messy, choppy fringe paired with your natural hair texture.


5. Loud and Clear

Not sure if this style will take off in a conservative town, but it is a ponytail hair tail fastened in clear, plastic tubes.


6. Double Barrette

Two barrettes of your choice fastened above each temple works beautifully with all hair textures.


7. Going Retro

A style that is cut blunter than ever, but is styled in the most moderately fashion-forward manner.


8. Go Big

This is a trend that will definitely take off this year. If you have natural curls or texture, just flaunt it. With the help of a few styling products like mouse, hair spray, or dry shampoo, your hair will have more of an exaggerated texture and volume.


9. Return of the Scrunchie

YES, THEY ARE COOL AGAIN!! Use them as hair accessories with a modern twist.


10. Braids

Braids seen on runways ranged from smoothed and sleek to fuzzy and undone. You can always add glitz to your braids by adding fun accessories.

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