Top Five Wedding Trends for 2020

Happy New Year! Here at Alx&Co. we are back at work after a week off and we are more excited than ever to share the next year with you. To get things started, I assembled my top five wedding trends for 2020, and here’s a hint: we’re in for a very special year of ring designs!

2020 is all about the gemstone again. We’ve fluctuated in and out of heavily vintage-inspired rings (which will always remain an elegant choice) and are now moving steadily in the direction of clean designs featuring a main-stage center stone. We’re seeing fewer halos and less engraving with brides opting for a more clean-cut approach to their rings. Though, rings aren’t necessarily moving in the solitaire direction: tapered baguettes, custom-cut sapphires, and other classic options dress up things perfectly.


1) Yellow Gold: I am quite excited for this trend shift since I personally prefer yellow gold and I love the contrast between a gorgeous white diamond and a deeply-lustered yellow gold setting. One important aspect to remember about yellow gold is that it can play into the color of your diamond…and this can be a good thing or a bad thing. Sometimes the warmer hues in the setting bring out yellow in a diamond, and sometimes the setting’s deeper yellow saturation actually makes the diamond look whiter. It’s another reminder of why it’s important to pick your diamond in person with a professional who can walk you through how the color will play in the ring.


Custom Alx&Co. designed radiant-cut diamond ring featuring tapered baguettes, set in 14k yellow gold. All gemstones sourced by Alx&Co.


2) Asscher Cut Diamonds: We love Asscher-cut diamonds here at Alx&Co. Tim considers this cut to be one of the prettiest and I particularly love the clean-cut aesthetic of this style. It pairs beautifully with Art Deco-inspired designs (like here) or it can wear gracefully as a solitaire. Asscher-cut diamonds are a bit unforgiving in their faceting: you really need a diamond with very few (if any) inclusions, great color, and nearly perfect cut to show them off well. So, choose well and again – take a look at the diamonds in person! The smallest change in grading can make a big difference in the look.

Custom Alx&Co. designed asscher-cut diamond ring featuring custom french-cut sapphires, set in platinum. All gemstones sourced by Alx&Co.


3) Alternative Gemstones: Another trend I am definitely here for is of brides opting for alternative gems to the traditional diamond. While not for everyone (but what is?!), we love black diamonds for their cool, understated vibe. Plus, black goes with everything so it’s the perfect choice for an alternative gem that won’t clash with your clothes. Opt for a rose-cut style like what we made here and really blow her away.

Custom Alx&Co. designed black diamond ring featuring white diamond accents, set in 14k rose gold. All gemstones sourced by Alx&Co.


4) Statement Shapes: Marquise, pear cut, and ovals have come back bigger and better than ever. Done right, these shapes can be timeless and elegant: we recommend a clean-cut setting with minimal detail and perhaps accenting that marquise with some tapered baguettes like shown here. These shapely stones are eye-catching on their own and don’t need a lot of dressing up to make them shine, so they’re the perfect choice if you want something different yet simple.

Custom Alx&Co. designed marquise-cut diamond ring featuring tapered baguettes, set in platinum. All gemstones sourced by Alx&Co.


5) Multi-Diamond Rings: *Perhaps* it has a little something to do with a certain someone getting royally engaged with a gorgeous three-diamond ring, or perhaps it’s just because this style is timeless and elegant and extra-sparkly. You be the judge, but we’re happy with it, nonetheless. Our recommendation here is, again, see the diamonds in person before committing to them. A professional should sit down with a few sizing options and color grades so that you can pick out exactly the alignment, proportion, and color matching that you love. The devil is in the details with this style, so take the time to get it right!

Custom Alx&Co. designed three-diamond ring featuring round brilliant cut diamonds set in 18k yellow gold. All gemstones sourced by Alx&Co.


Of course, we’re available for custom consultations to walk you through everything from picking out a diamond to designing the perfect setting. Make an appointment to see how we work!


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