Our Top Picks for the Week of August 19, 2019

It’s hard to say goodbye, but summer is coming to an end. While this has many people shedding a tear, our top picks will put a pep in your step as they get you excited for fall. This skirt is everything you’ll need to take you into autumn and you can accessorize with a Chanel button bracelet and an awesome Let & Her bag. Feel (and smell) your best with this Child body creme and keep yourself hydrated these last few days of summer with these BPA-free water bottles.


Elizabeth: Ulla Johnson just gets me, and the Thea Skirt is on the top of my shopping list for fall. The colors make me think of fall and wearing a big chunky sweater and boots, but pair it with luggage colored sandals and a simple tank top or t-shirt and you can wear it during the last few weeks of summer. (Available at The Hive, $595)

Celeste: They’re back! Last fall we found some stunning bracelets made with vintage Chanel buttons. They sold like hot cakes and we are so excited to have more back in stock. Come get yours now while you can! (Available at Kiskadee, $168)

Ali: There’s a new bag line in town, ladies! It’s called Let & Her and it was recently founded by two gal pals out of Belgium. I am absolutely obsessed with their mission- “This is a collection for women beyond the obviousness of a designer label, who needs no one to label her – she is her own brand!” The co-founders believe that if you have a great accessory you will look great every day and I could not agree more. Here I’ve shown one of the bolder colors offered at TSALT, but this same satchel comes in black leather and a larger version in olive green. They are knockouts. Go check them out! (Available at TSALT)

Angela: Child Perfume Extremely Rich Body Creme is a fragrance and lotion all in one and this jasmine based cream  is continually sold out. As fast as it comes in, it sells out. It seems that every time one of you wears it, someone stops you and asks what the scent is. They then come in and buy one too. Then you come in to re-stock and oops, we’re out. We have heard you and we are working hard to stay continually stocked. Phew! Crisis averted. (Available at Bellacara, $85)

Amy: We just added a new line of stylish water bottles to keep you cool on the go. Made from durable, lightweight glass and wrapped in protective matte silicone, the new W&P Porter Bottles are eco-friendly while remaining incredibly chic. Plus, they’re BPA-free and dishwasher safe! (Available at Penny Post, $40)


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