Our Top Picks for the Week of February 15, 2021

If we are taking any lessons from this past Valentine’s Day weekend, it’s a reminder to give ourselves the same love we give others. So, why not show yourself a little extra love with this week’s top picks?! First up, we have Angela’s pick which is a cult-favorite highlighter we will be wearing throughout the spring. Speaking of items we will be rocking all spring long, this retro-inspired Donni half-zip pullover is the perfect transition to bring us into warmer weather. One of the highlights of quarantine has been finding new hobbies to embrace, so why not bring the outdoors indoors with this adorable “Garden In A Bag” from Kiskadee? And Amy’s pick is sure to liven up any home office… and make you giggle.



Angela: Gucci Westman’s ever-popular Lit Stick is now available in a new glorious shade called Nectar. This golden peach color arrives just in time for spring. The silky, translucent gel highlighter imparts skin with facial-fresh, radiant clarity and encourages collagen production. The iridescent undertone enhances natural skin and flatters all complexions. This is the must-have makeup item for spring. (Available at Bellacara, $48)

Elizabeth: This Donni pullover combines two of my favorite things, the color green and a pullover. The added detail of a freshwater pearl at the zipper makes it even more special. Cleary anything comfy and cozy makes my top pick list this month! (Available at The Hive, Terry 1/2 Zip Pullover in Moss Green by Donni, $234)

Celeste: We love these Garden in Bags from Potting Shed Creations. The Happy Birthday bag grows fresh violas which are hearty plants and easy to grow. All they need is a little sunshine on the windowsill (or another sunny spot) and voila! Flowers! The bag is leakproof and can be grown indoors year-round. We will have some for Mother’s Day, too. (Available at Kiskadee, $12.50)

Amy: Add a little humor to your home office with our desk nameplates. This is one of my favorites. It works for co-workers as well as children! (Available at Penny Post, $30)


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