Our Top Picks for the Week of January 11, 2021

If you’re looking for some self-care products or simply want to dress up your home, then you’ve come to the right place! First up, we have Elizabeth’s top pick which is your favorite candle, in a much larger size. Upgrade your hairstyle with these pearly ponytail holders from Kiskadee that are both kind to your hair and easy on the eyes. Treat your feet to some TLC with this foot file from Bellacara that we can’t survive the winter without. Lastly, we have a horseshoe magnet from Penny Post that is strong enough to hold your dish towel, grocery list, or family photos.

Keep reading to learn all about our favorite picks this week!


Elizabeth: Boy Smells is always a crowd-pleaser, but you know what is even better, a magnum size Boy Smells candle. The same great scents just three times the size! Also available in Hinoki Fantome and Cedar Stack. (Available at The Hive, Magnum Candle in Ash by Boy Smells, $86)   

Celeste: We love these new ponytail holders from Shiraleah. I know a lot of us have been doing a lot of ponytails lately (#WFH life!) and these up the game in a fun way. (Available at Kiskadee, $12.50)

Angela: If your feet and heels are victims to the dry winter air, then this Deborah Lippmann Foot File can change all of that. Use it on dry heels and file the dead skin away… one, two, three! (Available at Bellacara, $38)

Amy: Our favorite new magnet cheerfully displays photos on the fridge and is strong enough to hold a dishtowel. Plus, the horseshoe is a symbol of good fortune, and goodness gracious we could all use more of that. (Available at Penny Post, Horseshoe Magnets, $15)


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