Our Top Picks for the Week of July 27, 2020

As Alexandria starts to open back up, we wanted to offer a reminder to get out there and support all of the amazing small businesses right here in our backyard. Our heads are spinning with the stylish possibilities just waiting to be purchased this week! First up, say goodbye to Computer Vision Syndrome (yes, that is a thing), and see your devices like never before with Look Optic readers from The Hive. If you would describe your personal style as “elegant, modern, and chic” you must check out TSALT’s top pick this week. Angela is giving playtime a new spin with Recess sparkling waters crafted with calming CBD and delicious fruit infusions. Keep those pesky bugs at bay with a citronella candle from Red Barn Mercantile and finally embrace sipping cocktails on the back patio in peace. Lastly, shop 2020’s hottest (and most essential) accessory now at Kiskadee!



Angela: Our top pick this week is Recess Water; a CBD and adaptogen sparkling water to help you be your most creative and productive self! Not tired, not wired…just calm and focused. Now available in three new flavors including Coconut Lime, Blood Orange, and Black Cherry. (Available at Bellacara, $5)

Elizabeth: We finally have restocked our popular Look Optic readers with blue-light protection. The Sullivan is my favorite frame and is available in three different colors with three levels of magnification or without magnification! (Available at The Shoe Hive, $75)

Tamara: Our pick of the week is the Ronny Kobo Jade dress. Made from printed leopard jacquard with a wide neckline, subtly pleated bodice, long sleeves, and an elegant thigh slit – this ensemble is definitely a show stopper. (Available at TSALT, $328)

Amy: Keep those pesky bugs at bay on warm summer nights. With citronella incense inside, this beehive burner lets off a gentle aroma to drive pests away. Dine al fresco and sip cocktails on the patio in peace. (Available at Red Barn Mercantile, $85)

Celeste: We are already on our second re-order of these hygiene keys. I love mine and use it at pin pads, to open doors, to touch elevator buttons, and more. These essential tools come in both solid colors and fun prints! (Available at Kiskadee, $18)


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