Our Top Picks for the Week of September 16, 2019

This week’s top pick’s are about taking care of yourself – in style, of course. Take time to exfoliate with these fun sugar scrub cubes, look good while reading the fine print with these Look Optic glasses, stay hydrated while supporting your favorite team with Corkcicles, and keep your lips looking fabulous this winter with these moisture-rich balms. We also suggest taking time out to splurge on this amazing vegan leather dress.


Celeste: One of my favorite things to do in the shower is exfoliate. These Harper + Ari sugar scrub cubes do the trick! They are also perfect for travel and we have them in a variety of flavors. It’s my new favorite thing. (Available at Kiskadee, $28)

Ali: Vegan leather has arrived! For those of you who have tried Nanushka vegan leather, you know how incredibly light, comfortable and flattering it can be. The leather is so thin that it reduces bulk and stiffness in the silhouette, so this Tarot Dress can easily button up and tie at the waist. The warm cognac hues will help you feel much more casual and approachable, making it a super versatile piece in your wardrobe. (Available at TSALT, $680).

Elizabeth: If you are like me, you find yourself squinting to read labels and well, anything below a 12 point font. I need to stash readers all over my house, so we decided it was time to bring them to the Hive. Look Optic has cool frames and great colors and the best part, they all come with screen protectors to help us with the harmful blue lights from our phones and computers. (Available at The Hive, Bond in Crimson, $78, Laurel in Blue Camo, $78, Sullivan in Tortoise, $74)

Amy: Collegiate Corkcicles are here! Corkcicle canteens are quickly becoming our favorite primarily for their ability to keep drinks ice cold for 25 hours or piping hot for 12 hours. Perfect for any season and a fun way to show school spirit wherever you are. (Available at Red Barn Mercantile, $39.50)

Angela: Jouer Cosmetics Lip Shine Balms are lightweight, moisture-rich balms with a hintof color for smooth, shiny, kissable, baby soft lips. In a range of shades, there is one to suit everybody. Since they arrived in store, I’ve had the Naturel shade in my pocket or purse everyday. A winter must have. (Available at Bellacara, $18) 


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