Totally 90s!

Totally 90s

You’ve probably read all about the resurgence of the 90’s, and it really does seem like the decade was ripe for iconic fashion styles that won’t quit, from dungarees and cropped tops to slinky slip dresses. The saying “what goes around comes around” may be intended to describe karma, but as a stylist I would say it also works perfectly to describe the cycle of fashion.

And that cycle seems to be turning quicker than ever. Less than 20 years later, fashion that was considered cool in the 90s is cool once again. Whether it’s on the catwalk, on the street or in the stores, 90s trends are appearing everywhere. Here are a few of my favorite trends that are still all that and a bag of chips!

Modern Grunge

Totally 90s

I know, I know, when has a leather jacket ever not been in style? Luckily, I’m not talking about the 8-ball jacket. As if! But boxier jackets that were everywhere in the 90s are huge this season. It also goes with everything.


Totally 90s

What grunge look would be complete without a plaid shirt? It’s iconic and now, ladylike and sophisticated. Opt for a collarless blouse so you can wear it casually and to the office!


Totally 90s

Military chic is still going strong and what better way to embrace this style than by sporting some commanding combat boots!

Leather Jacket and Jeans, The Hive | Blouse, Kiskadee | Boots and Gold Choker, The Shoe Hive



Totally 90s

Probably one of our favorite looks to make a comeback, this sleek style is a major upgrade from the matching sets of 90s. Gone are the neon or crazy patterned sets, instead we are now seeing gorgeous top and skirt combos, or matching jackets and shorts that are sure to make you stand out.

Skirt and Sweater Set and Earrings, The Hive | Boots, The Shoe Hive


Velvet, Chokers, and Backpacks

Totally 90s

There aren’t too many things that are as luxurious as velvet, and the 90s brought us loads of it in the crushed variety. Everyday pieces such as turtlenecks and trousers in rich colors let you incorporate the luxe trend easily. Keep it fresh and updated by pairing velvet with boyfriend jeans and a menswear inspired blazer. Another fun way to incorporate velvet is with some statement booties!


Totally 90s

Chokers made their resurgence in 2016 on the runways, but I think the choker trend grew so quickly because it is an easy way to add a 90s spin to any outfit. While back in the day they were mostly made out of a stretchy fishnet material, today, they’re much more refined.


Totally 90s

Contemporary replications of the totally 90s carryall are more than just your average knapsack thanks to sleek silhouettes and luxe leather.

Top, choker and jeans, Kiskadee | Blazer, The Hive | Booties and Backpack, The Shoe Hive


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Model, Jameila Anderson | Photographer, Megan Harrington


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