Travel Style: Dressing For Heat And Humidity Overseas

I pack my clients for all sorts of trips and vacations. Most recently, I created looks and put together a carryon (only) of outfits for a trip to Prague. Most of our clients’ vacations include activities that require casual chic looks and include some slightly dressier outfits for events like dinners out, etc. I am layering, pairing, accessorizing, and more.

As I am sitting here in Bangkok, Thailand, I am giggling about how different the packing for my trips here are compared to what I do for clients going to, let’s say, Prague. Thailand isn’t so much a vacation destination for me. My family lives here (follow along with Stories on Instagram @dcstylefactory to follow us around the city) and although we are doing some vacation stuff, we are mostly city livin’. 

I definitely don’t layer here in Bangkok and I definitely am not rocking my Rachel Comey fringe top. I don’t bring anything I would be sad to have ruined. So, what do I wear here when fashion is not my priority — but I still want to feel like me each day?

My requirements for outfits are:

  • · Machine washable 
  • · Doesn’t show sweat easily. I’m not as worried about items that don’t make me sweat. If you have
      come to Thailand you know sweating is just part of the package. I opt for colors that just don’t
      show it as much.
  • · Comfortable and lightweight.
  • · Sporty chic style where there is some structure (either in the bottoms or in the tops) so I can
      incorporate comfort, but still feel like I’m not rolling around in ratty tees for weeks on end.


Building Outfits

With any trip, I start with the shoes. What 2-3 pairs of shoes will I realistically wear during the trip? Once I have that down, I build the outfits. If I am in my Adidas slides 95 percent of the time, how can I make a cute, sporty-chic outfit that has a little of my French Chic style still incorporated? It’s all in keeping those silhouettes current, bottoms first.  Cotton utility pants, high-waisted khaki shorts, high-waisted denim shorts.  

1.) Bottoms. In Thailand, I live in denim shorts and lightweight cotton pants. This Nili Lotan pair are perfect for the plane and also look great with a muscle tee and Adidas slides for hanging out in Bangkok. 

Nili Lotan Pants $325, available at The Hive


2.) Shoes.  Sneakers that offer enough support for walking are a must. These Tretorns have enough cushion and support for a day of exploring Bangkok..and they look cool. We are always on foot jumping in taxis, riding trains and even hopping in Tuk-Tuks!

Tretorns $75, available at The Shoe Hive


I also spend a lot of time in my Adidas slides. They can get wet if we head to a waterpark and they are just easy for everyday visits to family when I am taking shoes on and off (Thai folks do not wear shoes in the home). Another option for this could easily be the Johnston & Murphy slides at Kiskadee.

Johnston & Murphy Jenny slides $158, available at Kiskadee 


3.) Tops. Binding clothing need not apply. If I am wearing denim shorts, I love a boxy button-down and Adidas slides for a day with family. The button-down top makes me feel a bit more dressed. This Birds of Paradis top is perfection.

Birds of Paradis Shirt $100, Available at The Hive 


I also like sleeveless tops, but not necessarily tank tops, which feels a little bare. I am not a backpacking tourist here in Thailand, but more or less a local so I like to dress in a way that still is who I am, but also fits in with my family’s culture. These two tops from Kiskadee hit the mark perfectly. I would wear both of these with denim shorts and slides or cotton pants and slides.


Lilla P Short Sleeve V-Neck Cotton Top, available at Kiskadee


 CP Shades Simone Tank $188, available at Kiskadee 

4.) Accessories. I wear very little. I stick to earrings and mostly studs that don’t dangle. 

Anna Beck Earrings $100, available at The Hive



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