trend alert: spring hair accessories

I’d be willing to bet that everyone reading this has bobby pins and hair clips stashed in her beauty basket. This season, try kicking them up a notch with some color. The bobby pins and clips from Jane Tran can transform a bad hair day into a fabulous hair day.


Use them to hold back your bangs during that awkward growing-them-out stage or control fly-aways, or simply use them as the perfect finishing touch to a simple updo. Some of our customers have worn 4 together to give the illusion of a barrette, and others have creatively criss-crossed them. Each set of bobby pins come with a compact box in which to store them, so there will be no casualties later. With 20 pins per box, the possibilities are endless.

I have thick hair and bobby pins seem to get “lost” in all of it. Try the Jane Tran hair clips. The flexible metal will hold your hair securely in place, and you’ll never have to worry about fishing out lost pins before bed!


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