Trending: Over-the-Knee-Boots — Can They Really Work for Me?

Typically, I’m not one to adopt a trend quickly. I first see it either in a fashion magazine or online and then watch to see how it’s translated into more mainstream fashion. Sometimes, I’ll decide a trend isn’t for me, as not every trend is right for every body. Trends should provide inspiration for our style, rather than drive it, and most of all, keep fashion fun!


Appearing several years ago, and continuing to soar in popularity, over-the-knee boots are everywhere. Models make them look so effortless, but they are challenging, especially if your legs aren’t a mile long and very slim. After committing to see if they are a trend reserved for a select few, I surprisingly learned they can work, and even flatter (for real!), different body types using a few basic styling techniques.

Creating a long, lean line using the boot as the base was key for me. I opted to use tights, leggings, and jeans — all in dark colors since the boot is black — to help create a slim line that started at the bottom of the boot. I wasn’t comfortable wearing the boot without this layer and exposing skin, so if over-the-knee boots intimidate you, consider putting a thin layer underneath and style from there. The slim line created on the bottom allowed me to add some length, volume and/or interest on top, and balance out each look.  To prevent bunching at the ankle or above the boot, keep any layer under the boot as thin as possible.

kneeboots_dressesA black opaque tight is the perfect base layer for something that might be considered slightly dressy, or elevated, as it’s thinner than a legging and, depending on the light, can sometimes can reveal a hint of leg. The Bailey 44 shift combines tweed and leather to create a more refined look for an over-the-knee, while the Lilla P dress is casual perfection, and is even reversible to a deep slate grey! With a jean jacket and a blanket scarf this look is incredibly versatile and comfortable.


One of my favorite go-to looks is jeans and a moto jacket, which I probably adopted from my life-long love of hard rock music. These Paige Skinny jeans work well with over the knee boots as they fit close to the body, while the tank elongates and the color blocking on top creates interest. This is a go-to weekend look that has a little bit of edge, too, thanks to the Kut vegan moto jacket.

P.S. – This jacket fits like a dream and has a very affordable price-point!

kneeboots_collageBlack leggings are a staple in the wardrobes of most D.C. area women, and even though there are haters, most of us love them for their flattering fit and versatility. Paired with a long cashmere brown vest, it’s a nice twist on a basic sweater. With a few delicate gold chains of varying lengths layered over a long cream tank, the theme of “long lines” is in full effect with this look.  An oversize Intropia sweater (this is actually a sweater dress that I sized down) is a no-brainer when the weather turns cold, and looks effortlessly chic. Pairing the leggings with an oversize vegan leather and knit vest is a different look, but given the length of the vest, it works. The draped leather detail in the front helps create that long line, while also providing some visual interest to a streamlined black look

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