Trendspotter: The Unfinished Hem

Resort has brought to The Hive a host of new-to-us designers we simply weren’t able to offer before now, making it an exciting time at our store. Newly available brands range from Ulla Johnson (think luxurious bohemian) to Jenni Kayne (more sophisticated casual). The two brands I’d like to introduce to you today are two I never thought I’d include in the same post: NSF and Raquel Allegra.

The first is the ultimate in California Cool; NSF blends a relevant and directional attitude with soft comfort. Oversized ponchos get paired with drawstring pants, and nothing in the collection will make you feel anything short of ultra-comfortable — in the clothing and in your skin! The second, Raquel Allegra, is night and day from NSF. Instead of NSF’s signature ultra-soft cottons and jerseys, Raquel Allegra develops richly textured linen, cashmere, silks, and lace. The first opts for soft neutrals and muted solids, while the second boasts bold colors and tie-dye-inspired prints. So what in the world could these two brands possibly have in common other than their California origins?

The unfinished hem.

A raw or unfinished hem is a subtle detail that elevates a basic to something much more fashion-conscious — and you will find them on everything from blouses to denim. By merely eliminating what has been up until now an essential part of any garment, designers are transforming the design process and snubbing expectations. And while NSF and Raquel Allegra are far from the only two brands to be offering unfinished hems, shoppers will find that both brands have a penchant for the raw at the heart of their design convictions, thereby juxtaposing the rough and the refined.

So much of this moment’s fashion is about just such juxtapositions — the billowy and the slim, the feminine and the masculine, the casual and the elegant. The unfinished hem aligns naturally with this current fashion orientation. Look for frayed edges on a bright coral Raquel Allegra dress and a raw edge on a high-low tee by NSF, for example.

Other brands in our store that have bought into the raw rage include Mother Denim, The English Factory, IRO, and many more. And rest assured that if you invest in such a piece you will be able to wear it for many years to come, because this proclivity for contradictions in fashion is still going strong!

Raquel Allegra


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