TSALT Sale, Part 1: Strategy

Savvy shoppers pay close attention to the best times of year to shop…January and July. Typically these are the two times of year that inventory has been marked down significantly while still finding enough variety and sizes to satisfy the effort of engagement. If you are a career shopper, you might already have a list of items from your favorite stores earmarked, gambling with destiny as to whether they will make that “meant to be” price you’ve had established in your mind all along.

Well, get ready…TSALT is marking down their inventory yet again and I’m here to give you two strategies that could bring some judiciousness when shopping the sale racks. I’ve been searching many sale racks around town for my clients and can say quite definitively, TSALT has a most impressive selection of styles and variety as well as a insider’s only $20 bin!

Shopping with a discount is very tricky since you can easily convince yourself that you are saving money. As my husband likes to remind me, the only way to save money is not to spend money! In practicality he has an iron-clad point. For instance, buying yet another duplicate top or dress that mimics something you already own is not beneficial. If you tend to fall into this routine, practice the “one-in-one-out” rule and make yourself eliminate a repeat item when you bring a new version home. In order to turn spending into saving, take some time and be thoughtful about how to add value to your wardrobe. With careful consideration, there is no better time than July to get out and make some decisive purchases that really open up the possibilities of what you already own.

Today I am going to lay out one strategy of shopping for your immediate needs that I’ve used over the years which has served me well. This approach means that you are waiting to buy seasonal items when they go on sale. You will be looking for some great pieces that you will wear immediately this summer and enjoy wearing next summer as well. Be careful never to buy a so-so piece for the sake of coming away with something for your time and effort. Sale shopping should still be held to the same standards of full retail. Make sure you have time to try your selections on and ask yourself, “Would I purchase this at full price?” The drawback is that the selections are a little slimmer and sales are usually final, but that’s the price you pay for deals!

Below are some examples I discovered on the sale racks that can be worn either on vacations or around town this summer.


White Denim

White denim is also up to 50 percent off at TSALT, and in some cases even 60 percent off! Getting your white denim on sale is always a good deal and will be a bonus next spring as well.

STYLIST TIP: Be prepared to size up in white denim and white denim shorts. I’ve gone up two sizes in some white styles so consider taking a variety into the fitting room and experiment until you find the best fit.


Easy Beach Dresses

If you’re heading to the beach this summer, TSALT also has a great collection of easy beach dresses that are both packable and stylishly chic from some sought after brands!


Tanks + Tees

Take a look at your current collection of tanks and tees. Sales are the best time to get better quality staple items at a discount.



Looking for one of the best all around summer footwear solutions? TSALT has Calaxini’s marked at $75! I’ve described these as the best alternative to Jack Rogers. Handmade in Spain, Calaxini’s are ideal for women who want to show their cosmopolitan style.


While new inventory is starting to arrive, floor space needs to open up. Take advantage of July’s savings with a thoughtful strategy. Next week I’ll discuss the pieces that will transition nicely into fall! Stay tuned and keep an eye on the TSALT website, too!


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