Turkey Neck? Tech Neck?! Dr. Dennis Gross Neck Emulsion Product Review

What is it about necks? This unassuming part of our bodies has been on the receiving end of much scrutiny from men and women alike throughout history. From the thin, fragile necks of the Gibson Girl in the early 20th century to the lithe necks of Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, the neck has been held to a standard of beauty as rigorous as the face.

For many years, neck-specific treatments have been targeted towards women of a certain age in fear of developing the dreaded “Turkey Neck.” Visions of crepe-y wattles have led women and beauty brands to join forces against the onslaught of time. However, the advent of portable technology has given rise to a new foe who attacks without any consideration for age: Tech Neck. Fortunately, a new hero has emerged to help us to defeat those pesky lines!

Enter the ferulic+retinol fortifying neck emulsion from Dr. Dennis Gross. When this product first appeared at Bellacara, the collective excitement from the girls in the store could have powered a small generator. This serum is packed with amazing ingredients: ferulic acid, retinol, collagen, and lactic acid just to name a few. What impressed us right off the bat was its silky smooth texture. It comes out like a regular cream, but as you gently rub it in, it softens and absorbs right into your skin. Elizabeth felt an immediate tightening, however, I was more skeptical. I couldn’t deny the luxury of the light, citrus scent and how soft my skin felt, but I just didn’t see why I needed to add another step to my already lengthy regimen (triple cleanse, anyone?). Jenna, the goddess who brought DDG into our lives, challenged me to try the product for 30 days. What did I have to lose?


Here is how my neck looked Day 1 of our experiment. As you can see, I have one very deep neck line, a few less severe lines and a whole lot of texture. I should also address the bloom of very red acne all over my chest and neck. It’s something I’ve struggled with my whole life, and I’ve finally had to address it with Accutane. While retinol is a common topical treatment for acne, the percentage present in this serum would do nothing to help treat my acne. For the purposes of this experiment, let’s focus on the underlying texture of my skin and not the presence of face demons.


This picture was taken after a little over two weeks of use. By this time, it had become a part of my night time routine, and the extra step was no big deal. Looking at these pictures, is it possible that my skin looks worse? My deep line looks very severe and the smaller lines look even deeper. I do believe that this backslide is due to the Accutane. At this point, I was a few weeks in, and my skin felt and looked like it had been chewed up and spit out. My skin was in absolute turmoil. Despite the seeming lack of progress, I resolved to continue using it and finish the 30 days.


Here is my neck a full 30 days after using the serum. I’m so glad I continued with the experiment because look how smooth my neck is! Obviously, my deepest line is still there, but it looks much more refined. The fine lines are all but gone, and the underlying texture of my neck skin is much smoother.

The biggest takeaways from this experiment would have to be that first and foremost, this product works. However, you have to stick with it! This is not an overnight miracle, and it must become a permanent part of your daily regimen. Once the bottle ran out, which was after about two months of continuous use, I do have to admit that my neck lines have begun to reemerge. Being a student on a budget, I have to pick and choose what products I MUST have. Honestly, my neck lines are not my biggest skincare concern at the moment. However, when I feel like it’s time to give my neck a little extra TLC, I already know what I will reach for first.

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